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G-Unit – Straight Outta Southside

I thought this was supposed to be a Sean Bell tribute? Yayo screaming “Fuck the police who shot Sean Bell” does not make it a tribute.

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42 Responses to “G-Unit – Straight Outta Southside”

  1. Nanyanen Says:

    rewiiiind selektaaaah!

  2. Eastern_Digital Says:

    The album will flop……hard. Expect 50 to blame it on bad promo.

  3. clyde Says:

    I dnt like this joint yo, 50 is like Shaggy! after a big album I refuse to buy this wack ish…shit i refuse to download this crap and kill drive space. thank gosh i can stream it on zshare before its way to late and I corrupted my hard drive by downloadeing it

  4. fan Says:

    You are all haters. This is fire ,but yall got your hater hats on so far over your ears all you can hear is lil wayne. get a life.Get off your dell. The only reason you won’t buy the album is cause you can’t make bread sitting in your bedroom

  5. rrahha Says:

    this shit is hard!!!! i love the energy of the track and the lyrics!!! STRAIGHT OUTTA SOUTHSIDE!!!

  6. The Regulator Says:

  7. DJ Shad Says:

    Artist: DJ Shad And B.Hardy
    Title: Black American Kingdom
    Label: Hi-Rollaz Ent.
    Genre: Rap
    Bitrate: 179kbit av.
    Time: 00:45:36
    Size: 60.31MB
    Location: Dallas, TX
    Rip Date: 2008-06-04
    Str Date: 2008-00-00

    1. Say Hola
    2. Black American Kingdom
    3. Game’s Fucked Up
    4. Welcome To The Party Life
    5. Never Been A Nigga
    6. Career Killer
    7. BMF Hardy Part II
    8. Here I Come
    9. (They Think It’s) Sweet
    10. Idle Threat
    11. Niggerish Shit
    12. The Allure
    13. Moment Of Clarity
    14. Lost Ones
    15. At It Again
    16. Hardy Boy
    17. Encore


  8. J.B. Says:

    I’m with you eskay, I thought this was supposed to be a tribute (listen to any recent G-Unit interview) too. Sounds like just a bunch of yellin’ to me. They shoulda just stayed with those two body snatcher mixtapes. Hey Boo Boo you coulda put out your house fire with this lukewarm BFI (garbage.)

  9. digital scales Says:


  10. eskay Says:

    in case you 80’s and 90’s babies don’t know, this is a poor attempt at remaking N.W.A’s Straight Outta Compton. That said, its not completely awful, but it damn sure aint no tribute.

  11. rrahha Says:

    to eskay: born 78 homey so i grew up probably along the time you did. i don’t take it as a tribute or a remaking. they just simply got the beat, heard it, and said let’s tell em where we’re from and therefore made a song inspired by Straight Outta Compton.

  12. Never Lie Says:

    eskay ur hilarious……keep it pimpin’

  13. big south Says:

    it’s da unit da ggg-boyz

  14. sophia Says:

    fu*c compton a pure stripper like THE GAME come from there isn’t compton suppose to be hard so come BREED a stripper like THE GAME and to you NAHRIGHT hate is love that the reason G-UNIT is the most talk about rappers out there.
    the more naright hate on 50 and g-unit is the richer than get nahright your hate bad comment have not stop 50 cent or g-unit so kiss 50 cent ass

  15. eskay Says:

    ^well yeah, but they said themselves that it was supposed to be a tribute to Sean Bell.

  16. rrahha Says:

    well i’ve only heard yayo say that, the link you supplied to the dj booth interview backs that up, and he gave a “fuck the police, they shot sean bell” line. a full blown tribute, no i won’t say that, but he coulda been talking about his feeling on the song and not the track itself. but at the same time it’s a hard ass song. what you think? you said it isn’t totally awful which is a doubledged sword, but just take the song into consideration. what chu think?

  17. Ehblogspot Says:

    Eskay, stop trippin man you are an adult I think. This may not be the greatest Sean Bell tribute but its a decent track give it credit for what it is…. No its not like the original but the album so far has zero POP on it… Boo Boo went in on this one….

  18. k-rob Says:

    eskay will find hate in anything, if yayo save a old lady from a burning building eskay will say that he started the fire.it is what it is, is expect nothing more form this anti-gunit blog.at the end of the day weezy the hottest rapper right now and g-unit is the hottest group.hi haters halla back.

  19. rrahha Says:

    back to eskay: listening to it again, it’s more of fuck the police track in some ways in regards to the sean bell shooting than an “i miss sean bell” track.

  20. Nick James Says:

    Irregardless (lol), it will be the shittests of albums dropping in July.

  21. Janice Says:


  22. Lisa @ Sincere Entertainment Says:

    These are the most biting dudes I’ve ever come across, You give them one gift bag for there birthday (Banks) because your grateful they called your company for the event coordination for more than one party (7) and they have been running with my logo since, lets not forget the breech of contract & the million dollar deal in Dubai I set up!! they did it & told my people over there they are going to pay me but didn’t I could have made millions off of all this, But I didn’t cause It’s not my goal to get money that way, but as time goes on and the more I get bent over with no vaseline & the more my attorney gets mad!!! it makes me say you got one more time, Bad Business Gets You so far, Then It’s time for the top to fall…

  23. MiRKED Says:

    eskay just mad that 50 is grinding, & 50s website #’s passed his along time ago.

  24. Lisa @ Sincere Entertainment Says:

    Remember do onto others what you want done to you!
    Cause what goes around comes around & Karma is real (good&bad)
    So somebody will be given them a terrible tribute… who remakes a song for a tribute; It’s meaningless It has to come from within and make a difference not cause more bad publicity

  25. embark Says:

    # MiRKED Says:
    June 5th, 2008 at 10:26 am

    eskay just mad that 50 is grinding, & 50s website #’s passed his along time ago.

    how the fuck do you sound? Yeah he’s so mad at 50’s hussle that he posted a G-unit track on his blog.

  26. MIKEDS Says:


  27. harrydirty Says:

    this is that vintage unit. ftp

  28. Los Says:

    @ Lisa from Sincere Entertainment …you must be retarded, right? please tell me you’re retarded. go look at any u.s. dollar and you’ll see “banks’ logo” to the left (your left, idiot) of the president’s face. that makes BOTH of you “the most biting dudes”

  29. Lisa @ Sincere Entertainment Says:

    Hey Mr. Los, I’m very educated!!! never rode the short bus… Are you educated in Trademarking? Obviously Not!!! There’s more to a Logo then just the stamp…
    Let me Guess you work for them…. I can tell by your formatting of a paragraph
    and the way you carry yourself and the non ability to get your point across with Facts Not Fiction, please don’t bite that; it’s another copyright exclusive…
    Got To Love My Attorney!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Queens81 Says:

    there is nothing wrong with this track. if you like ignorant Queens gangster shit then what else could you expect? Prodigy tried to drop some knowledge about illegal searches and shadow government and no ones talkin about how hot that album was (H.N.I.C. 2). So this is all that’s left, deal with it. “It’s hot for what it is” that should be every reply.

  31. DJ Shad Says:

    Wasn’t really feelin it. Sounded lazy.

  32. Queens81 Says:

    DJ Shad Says:

    June 5th, 2008 at 6:27 pm
    Wasn’t really feelin it. Sounded lazy.


    Lazy?? wtf?? same tempo as NWA’s version, is that considered “lazy” too? who’s not lazy?? M.O.P.?? haha

  33. bnz Says:

    gunit is the most talkd rappers bcoz there wack people laugh at gunit lol there group is dieing and this is a just a wanna be west coast rapper track…

  34. bnz Says:

    for the record kanye west/lilwayne are the biggest icon to rap atm, gunit get dissed every week..

  35. MIKEDS Says:

    PUT ON UR HATER GLASSES ON PEOPLE, MUSIC IS MUSIC, IF I CAN BUMP IT IN Y CAR THEN IT HAS DONE IT’S JUOB, IF I CAN CHILL OUT AND RELATE TO IT THEN IT HAS DONE IT’S JOB, STOP HATING ON THE ARTIST BECAUSE OF POLITICS. Evryone’s mad at G-unit cause they dissed your favorite rapper, boohoo get over it or go download lil wayne’s shit, you lollipop lovers.

  36. bnz Says:

    i should just take MIKEDS to the candy shop coz iam a thug i shot 9 times…

  37. bnz Says:

    i should just take MIKEDS to the candy shop coz iam a thug i got shot 9 times…

  38. gift Says:

    It goes hard! Anyone say different they hatin….this that put up 3 plates on each side in the gym music—-lol They all went in!

  39. jfoxgotraps Says:

    songs tight, yayo is nice(like it or not) that dude is gangster. He has a loose lip and probably wake n bakes everyday. banks is crisp and make you say ooo and ahhh all the time. 50 is hot and the most down to earth rapper out. throw eminem on the track and its absolutely a classic. haters fall back and let the music you love live.

  40. Los Says:

    @ Lisa from Sincere Entertainment…
    i don’t work for anyone but myself, and i’m a college graduate that can outshine you from hear to the moon when it comes to logic and reasoning. from what i ascertain, you’re bitching on a forum about trademark infringement just proves that you’re a half-assed business owner who couldn’t file a successful suit against the g-unit imprint if your life depended on it. that, and your logo is about as generic as a dollar bill; go figure. in any case, keep bitching, someone *might* listen one day. and do yourself a favor, get yourself a new attorney, cause that one is taking you for a ride if you think he could successfully argue that case.

  41. Lisa @ Sincere Entertainment Says:

    It only took you a week to reply, Had to do your research Ha…
    Listen there was more to my blog other than copyright infringment, so let me give you another week….. I said what I said and it is what it is….. so I let Karma handle the rest…..

  42. vintage adult babies Says:

    vintage adult babies…

    How do you come up with so much material to blog with?…

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