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Video: Serius Jones – Life Is Serius Trailer

Previously: Serius Jones – Lafayette

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6 Responses to “Video: Serius Jones – Life Is Serius Trailer”

  1. THE-XFACTA Says:

    Get the cold out your eyes

  2. digital scales Says:

    dtp dropped him and the rest of their artists that were just under the dtp imprint…

    thats still my nigga tho, good humble dude thats nice at what he do, i hope he makes moves and does good for himself

    i think the only nigga that survived was luda of course and small world, even 5 foot nothing bobby valentino is gone

  3. Joe 88 Says:

    PUSSYHOLE (c) CS88

  4. digital scales Says:


    if you havent alrady peep the freestyle video click the blue

    its that nigga that raped you rapping

  5. THE-XFACTA Says:

    Yo I will pay a nigga if they can get my that Grafh ft Jayz-Knife and Pipe single

  6. THE-XFACTA Says:


    nvm, i think i found that joint

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