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Nu Jersey Devil ft. Sheek Louch – Chain Snatcher (Curtis Dis)


Produced by Cookin Soul off DJ Haze’s BWS Radio Pt. 4.

Nu Jersey Devil ft. Sheek Louch – Chain Snatcher (Curtis Dis)

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24 Responses to “Nu Jersey Devil ft. Sheek Louch – Chain Snatcher (Curtis Dis)”

  1. landLORD Says:

    … motherfucker im ill …

  2. spotrusherz Says:

    i fucks with d-block but… *yawn*

  3. THE-XFACTA Says:

    These niggas are still beefing? Come on Sheek move on duke..

  4. RIGZ Says:

    On some real shit

    Wayne’s completely right

    These dudes leaked his album. He never gave them the music. They STOLE the music.

    Alot of people dont understand how crazy the process of making a album is…They rendered alot of songs completely useless. I’d be pissed too

    Empire stole his shit 5 times…I didnt even know who Empire was ’till I heard them tapes smh

  5. spotrusherz Says:

    also, how on earth can game be so corny and launch thisizgame.com, biting the idea from 50 plus spelling “is “with a Z is just cornball carnival.

  6. J Says:

    “even when tha beef is dead/ i’ma still keep mashin’ on 50’s head” – sheek

  7. war report Says:

    blend…old lyrics

  8. MiamiDaze Says:

    Yo Facta, where the cash at?

  9. sean coonery Says:

    I thought this beef was deaded?

  10. Eastern_Digital Says:

    Dope remix to the Come Up beat.

  11. KLO Says:

    Jadakiss & Cory Gunz – A Milli Freestyle


  12. KLO Says:

    ^^^ Jada went IN on that shit

  13. Lynch Says:

    this is garbage

  14. eskay Says:


  15. Ghost Writer Says:

    Jay-z dis, lil Wayne dis, 50 cent dis, fat joe dis, Jim Jones dis, Max B dis, Pap dis, Uncle Muda dis, Jadakiss dis, Ja Rule dis, Game dis, Rick Ross dis, Remy Ma dis, Lil Kim dis, Joe Budden dis……

    Give me a break……and we wonder why Hip Hop is dying……its the same shit over and over and over…..

  16. spotrusherz Says:

    c’mon none of u suckas have that jada rob-e-rob tape? i swear im going to pester yall till i get that blicka.



  18. rrahha Says:

    stop looking for attention sheek. number one that wasn’t a robbery, it was a kid that fif pushed off the stage and he grabbed his chain to hold on. then next he jumped in ANGOLA!!! and got it back. i like the beat, but the song sucks. nobody pays attention to these nuckas

  19. kongoman Says:

    come sheek of D-FLOP u still broke move on bitch nigger

  20. kongoman Says:

    terminate on sight TOS buy or die (G- unit Angola streetteam) fuck blackflopstreet and D_flop if u are down with d-block fuck u too

  21. Ehblogspot Says:

    I hope 50 dont respond to this wack shit…..

  22. Cestert Says:

    This shit was straight trash !!!!

  23. Simply eLi Says:

    He gets a E for effort. but, I would rather hear D-block call into radio stations while high as a kite and mad as a pack of “Mike Vick” trained Pits and make funny threats towards Puff, at least those were madd funny plus wayy more lyrical than anything D-Block has put out in the last 5 years!

  24. Ron Says:

    50 cent already played out and dis nigga still trying to diss him. No wonder they broke. I see why Puff robbed them.. all them years in the game and these cats still ain’t come up.

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