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Empire Responds to Lil Wayne

Dude who puts out the wildly popular Drought mixtape series spoke to XXLMag and responded to the rapper’s comments about him during a recent interview with DJ Drama.

“I’ve never been to a Lil Wayne studio session,” Empire told XXLMag.com. “He gotta look at his inside camp and understand that I got those records from somebody that sits right next to him on a bus…That’s co-signing him while he’s talking about me. I’m not gonna put his name out there, but it’s one of those guys. They’re sitting next to him every day.”

Damn Weezy, you need to cut that grass more often homey. It’s a wonder C3 took so long to leak.

Link: The Empires Strikes Back At Lil Wayne

Previously: Lil Wayne Calls DJ Drama

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11 Responses to “Empire Responds to Lil Wayne”

  1. D. Says:

    thank the lil homey nas…

  2. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    who was in charge of the Drought 3??? was that Khaled?? i had to the no tags version

  3. D. Says:

    # Mark Twain Fame Says:
    June 2nd, 2008 at 5:52 pm


    eskay v. two-times is always hilarity


    agreed…brings out the best in them .

    “your the best…around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down!”

    >>*dies from crane kick*

  4. eskay Says:

    >>i am nothing like, and never will be anything like these gay ass hipster rap niggas you insist on catering to…

    negro please. you know nothing about the nigga, but he’s a hipster? why cuz he’s into sneakers? so then you’re a hipster too right? like who the fuck are you to judge niggas or classify them as hipsters? how you know how long dude was collecting kicks?

    this nigga Furious be killin me with this attitude like he’s the coolest nigga in the world.

  5. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    I think Furious thinks, he is cooler than me. The only dude on here who honestly thinks he is the coolest, has to be Foekist. no shots

  6. RIGZ Says:

    # Hatrick Swayze Says:
    June 2nd, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    who was in charge of the Drought 3??? was that Khaled?? i had to the no tags version


    “The Drought” series is different from “The Drought Is Over” series

    Wayne puts out “The Droughts” (1-3) by himself…I think there may be a Khaled version, but no-ones got it

  7. RIGZ Says:

    What is a “Hipster”??

    I know who “Indie-Kids” are…Because theres a style of music called Indie…

    Hipster aint a genre

    So what is a Hipster…? Does it mean they’re hip to new trends?

    Someone explain please

  8. b-ease Says:

    Havent heard C3 yet, mite as well just wait at this point.

    side note : anybody got a link to drought 3?

  9. Ty Says:

    The nigga Empire is probably referring to, is Weezy’s gay ass manager

  10. Gus Says:

    *starts lawnmower and looks at weezy*

    Seriously, Wayne had to realise it was someone close to him…. I actually always kinda thought he must co-sign all the leaks and new songs that emerge as it happens entirely too often to be a coincidence. Surprises me that Wayne would take his frustration out on the mixtape DJ’s that helped fuel his buzz and create this damn near “mythical” Weezy F Baby character!

  11. Mothra Jones Says:

    Leaking this album and the whole dj vs artist battle is gonna blow wayne up bigger than he is now, regardless of what any these dj’s wanna say.

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