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Video: Don’t Touch Me (Travis Barker Remix)

Travis reinterprets Busta’s single.

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7 Responses to “Video: Don’t Touch Me (Travis Barker Remix)”

  1. Furiou$tylez aka Larry Splashburne aka Splashaveli Tha Con Says:




  2. Logic Speaks Says:

    I needs an mp3.

  3. mclevels Says:

    Travis stay trying to convince rappers he’s needed on there tours. It’s good promo for his talents though.

  4. Rockabye Says:

    Travi is the white ?uest, except for the fact that his band sucks now.

  5. loafer Says:


    The whole rap/rock crossover thing is one of worst parts of hip hop, and these videos are sickening reminders. First of all, when ‘rock’ infulence is heard in rap, lately its the trashiest most mainstream uninspired shit out there. Linkin Park and the Coldplay guy come to mine. Its the worst, whitest, shittiest, diamond selling music. oh fuckin John Mayer too. I mean really the worst guys.
    This guy Barker is not only part of that problem because he’s not talented and makes shitty music, but he’s also got the unpalatable personality of gangster white boy extreme skate punk fitted hat piercing xgames I’ll fuck you up I’m friends with the Game stars and fucking straps bullshit. That stuff is just inexcusable. And you are giving him shine, and people are watching it and thinking he is a good drummer because maybe they’ve never seen much live drumming or listened to much rock…
    someone above said he’s a white Quest. No, Quest is super versatile and a good player. Travis Barker plays the same beat for all these ‘remixes,’ 16th notes on the highhat and just beats the shit out of it.
    and then the people saying “dude he is so fucking fast it look like two stickkksss wowwww”
    if you film yourself with that shitty camera hitting a snare drum, just hitting it, and stream the video on the internet, its gonna look like two sticks. you can LISTEN to it to know he’s not doing anything fast.
    this is corny man. its not hip hop, its not music , its not creative. its not advanced technically its nothing. its

  6. Kiki Says:

    loafer,your a cunt mate

  7. loafer Says:

    oh whoops, last sentence supposed to be “its worse than karaoke.”
    but you probably still don’t agree with me kiki

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