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Video: The Evolution of MURS

Here’s a handy playlist of a bunch of MURS videos with some DVD style commentary from the man himself. I don’t understand how I never saw that Risky Business video…

Props to Will for sending this over.

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16 Responses to “Video: The Evolution of MURS”

  1. Da PartyStarter Says:

    Once again, it’s on..

  2. CS88_Rich_UNCLE_Pennybags Says:

    SchlongMouf BITCH

  3. Da PartyStarter Says:

    I work too much now to be effin’ around on the internet. Sheeet, I’m sneakin’ now…LOL

    ^ol’ productive ass I do my work while ya’ll lolly gag on the blogs ass nigga…LOL!

    Negatory. I sit RIGHT beside my boss now(and he wears glasses, lol), and he’s at a meeting at this moment. LMAO!!!

  4. Big Homie Says:

    Hell no, because this is me:

    Ever gassed yourself before work, like “man, im a be productive as hell today, I’m going IN, too much to do to be bullshitting”, and then as soon as you sit down, its just like…”fuck it, I’m just gonna go on the internet”. That is currently my reality.

  5. BabyDoll Says:

    LMAO @ DPS and Big Homie

  6. CS88_Rich_UNCLE_Pennybags Says:

    Crooks & Castles “Lakers Colorway” Pack = Crack.

  7. !Ven-Tech? Says:

    Coca, Dolly, Homie, DPS


  8. Big Homie Says:

    *hugs Babydoll and licks her ear*

    Crazy: link please

  9. CS88_Rich_UNCLE_Pennybags Says:

    ….Uh…. highsnobiety.com

  10. Da PartyStarter Says:

    Wassup Ven-tech?

  11. BabyDoll Says:

    What up Venny!

    *wipes ear and hits big homie upside the head*

  12. Nanyanen Says:

    ven, good lookin out on those jawns.

  13. lurker Says:

    I been real my whole life they confuse it with conceit

  14. Deano Says:

    I never heard MURS before and after hearing him, I can say he’s on the list of upcoming rappers. The production team is crazy ya boy MURS get in…Hustle n LA are ‘bangers n mash’ out da gate…I wonder if Shock G is part of that producion team. Nahright ya did good with this one

  15. shemesh Says:

    murs has been doing it for 15+ years

    ive got at least 10 of his albums/tapes

    living legends crew is tight as fuck

    and that risky business video is the truth

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