Last Nas Poster, I Swear


I would imagine these are pretty obnoxious to look at if you haven’t been invited to the screening.

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16 Responses to “Last Nas Poster, I Swear”

  1. BigMola Says:

    Where’s That C3 Leak

  2. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    *niggers it up*

  3. SACE Says:

    I’M INVITED!!!!


  4. Brad Cessley Says:

    Rigz, that Top 3 Selected jawn is fire…. but what is the deal with the strobe light in his mouth (shaow) is that a tooth or a tongue ring (none)

  5. BigMola Says:

    I wanna be a N****r too.

  6. RIGZ Says:

    I’m on my Grime shit right now

    Wiley >> Jay-Z

  7. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    *throws on Pure Playaz jeans*

    *puts on Tommy Skull cap*

    *throws on Dada supreme Re-Run hat over it*

    *Puts on butta calf high Timbs*

    *lights Bidi*

  8. Casey Says:

    Nas is trying to make the video big enough that people forgive the album title change.

  9. D. Billz Says:

    eskay… get me into the screening chief.

    I know you well-connected dawg. Let me holla at somebody real.

  10. rex hussla Says:

    Hatrick Swayze Says:

    May 29th, 2008 at 2:48 pm
    Yo Rex I touched on that a few weeks ago, that David Banner lost ……WTF do you call that song??? shit is trash dookie

    I don’t know…I hate to see people like him take that route…it gives him spins I guess, a win/major loss situation

    hey click the name…tell me what you think, good or bad (no myspace rapper)

  11. eskay Says:

    >>eskay… get me into the screening chief.

    you driving up from B.Poor?

  12. Big Homie Says:

    I got invited, but it my invitation got lost in the mail

  13. JMack Says:

    My dog ate my invite.

    Let me get a in-house video cam bootleg with people standing up in front of it.

  14. Disco Vietnam Says:

    Let me get this straight: N***er is bleeped out but “Fuck” is perfectly ok?

    Can we make a decision on this?

  15. Incilin Says:

    Yes they are. Their fuckin obnoxious. But it don’t matter, I’m guessing that shit will be up on Youtube so fast that I’ll have seen it before you get a chance to tell someone who didn’t attend how good/bad it was.

  16. Prophecy_Projectz Says:

    lol@ “fuck you Nasir Jones*

    Nation and FNM get there quote in lights

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