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Wale ft. Skyzoo – The Hacksaw Jim Duggan

This and The Crazy are both off the Mixtape About Nothing, which will be available for download on May 30 over at Elitetaste.

Wale ft. Skyzoo – The Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Bonus: Wale – The Crazy (Props to 2DB)

X.O.ft.Wale – Rid’n (Remix)

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13 Responses to “Wale ft. Skyzoo – The Hacksaw Jim Duggan”

  1. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:


  2. G7 Says:

    hoooooooooooo(c) jim duggan

  3. cOLD Says:

    yea Ike, isnt that the craziest shit, but I wasnt suprised after that Huckerby slip. These fuckers are so enraged they cant even mask it anymore… Its like whatever at this point. They’re letting it be known that nigga gotta be gone.

  4. Digital Scales Says:

    zooo whats good niggga

  5. Digital Scales Says:

    florida and michigan are gonna give that little bitch the nom.

  6. cOLD Says:

    *daps G7*

    yo G, what you think about that Dipset shit, getting little niggas to put work in for you?

    All fair or totally against any rules of engagement. I mean is it anymore different that the US getting kids right out of High School to put that work in over seas. This is how the chain of command works isnt it. You reach a certain status and get a more foolish person to carry out you trash. Whether by means of brain washing or straight up brolicness.

  7. Big Homie Says:


  8. G7 Says:

    sup cold

    i haven’t even looked into the specifics of that dipset situation. at least they tried to play it smart, even though situation is dumb.

  9. shemesh Says:

    this wasnt on the tracklist for mixtape about nothing

    also prediction: this wont be as hot as his previous mixtapes

  10. shemesh Says:

    the nick catchdubs remix of the crazy is sicker than the original

  11. lana Says:

    u fyck with wale him and syzoo make a hot collabo once again

  12. [mixtape] x.o. - the takeover: pt. 2 | DC to BC Says:

    […] like i said, click that album art to get it. and for anybody scared to take the chance on adding like 100 mb to their itunes library, i’ll give you a test drive, courtesy of us and nahright. yea, he made hip hop’s biggest blog already. […]

  13. mrdylanmichael Says:

    are you gonna go ahead and update that prediction or should I?

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