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Video: ESSO – Anti-Backpack

Off his E3: E-Day mixtape, out now.

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21 Responses to “Video: ESSO – Anti-Backpack”

  1. mungoriOus Says:

    I knew Mims was gonna comeback out with another single….nice try buddy…but this futile attempt at being ironic is just waaaay to over the head…guess your like the rest of em….sosmartyourstupid…..

  2. mclevels Says:

    What is this reverse psychology music? Anyways wish his mix tape the best.

  3. Latarian Milton Says:

    bullshit i thought this site was getting upgraded

    *asks for money back*

  4. nice Says:

    my man esso getting shine… lets go!

  5. Tius Says:

    indeed…..the most ignorant……… Ignore his Rant


    Esso puts in work. Real cool dude.

  7. BASHWON Says:

    This is horrible. Was this a parody of someone elses song?

  8. 500K Flea Says:

    I like ESSO but this song is hot-garbage

  9. Midwest Best Says:

    I like the video; good visual. I like how he is make fun of the game as a whole. I dig the song, but the audio needs to be mixed…..keep working on ya craft.

  10. Ammon-Ra Says:

    The concept is dope but that song is trash

  11. Jeff R Says:

    This is trash – don’t make fun of the game until you’re part of it.

  12. Daitona Says:

    E its Eday :-P I’m just trying to figga out why Amira and I ain’t get our cameo appearance.

  13. damn Says:

    Good people, horrible song. The idea is good…delivery not so good.

  14. Read Richards Says:

    well he won the wackest song of year award for sure

  15. dondon Says:

    this is wackness at its best.

  16. Horrible Says:

    This song is HORRIBLE!!! You have to be kidding me…this kid has no identity as a rapper. deliever something the youth can at least tolerate…Let go me search for my EAR PLUGS!!!!!!!

  17. Mums the Werd Says:


  18. omegaSb Says:

    …..river of shit .

  19. LOS Says:

    thsi shit is wack! scenario stick with me

  20. gaga Says:

    terrible…….sad attempt at satire

  21. Belize Says:

    His mixtape is good

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