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Bishop Lamont ft. V/A – Be Cool & Gorilla Pimpin’ 5008

A couple of new joints off Bishop Lamont and DJ Whoo Kid’s new mixtape, The Confessional.

Bishop Lamont ft. Xzibit, Ras Kass, G Malone & Mykestro – Be Cool

Bishop Lamont ft. Warren G, Busta Rhymes, Stat Quo & Ryan C – Gorilla Pimpin’ 5008

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7 Responses to “Bishop Lamont ft. V/A – Be Cool & Gorilla Pimpin’ 5008”

  1. bnz Says:

    warren G havnt heard from him in awhile



  3. sleep Says:

    i listen to T.i interviews and dude sound real eloquent when he talks he must read the times every morning lol


    * Turns up COMPUTER BLUE *

  5. smokeYYY Says:


  6. D. Billz Says:

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    P.S. Revo Unistaller… cut the check.

  7. dondon Says:

    ebishop is nice. versatile.
    how comes that his cover looks like
    the one from killah priest?

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