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Video: License II Trill

With special guest Bun B.

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9 Responses to “Video: License II Trill”

  1. buddyholly Says:

    EnglandRepresent Says:

    May 19th, 2008 at 12:57 am
    Bill O’Reilly is entertainment whether you like him or not.

    ^^^Yea but EP the problem is you got cracka ass crackas that take everything that o’reilly says as gospel in the states and his show for his time slot is the highest rated…. real talk

    How many fucking times as Bill O’reilly thrown hip hop under the bus? Like its daily motherfucking thing. Then he has the “silvio’s” incident where he was flabergasted that niggas were using utensils to eat and weren’t yellin “yo nigga pass that iced right quick yo” I MEAN YO COME ON MAN FUCK HOW MUCH BLATANT SHIT THAT NEEDS TO BE SEEN TO SHOW THAT THIS MOFO IS A FUCKING 2 FACED RACIST MAN. GOD DAMN

  2. No WAY Says:

    could it be?

  3. Trealll Says:

    this is one of the weaker ones..IMO

  4. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Ay Buddy, that goes without saying, it’s blatently fuckin obvious that he’s a racist twat. I’m sayin it’s the network and all the other fuckers that help produce that show who are racist tossers as well. O’Reilly plays his part too but I’d be interested to see what he’s like when he ain’t playing the part of the racist bigot.

  5. nation Says:


  6. nation Says:



  7. greg Says:

    “Yeah I’ll get right on that…WHOOOAAA”
    These guys are taking off like a drunk chick’s top at a keg party.. the rosenthal bros are hilarious…Dope Mishka jacket on Bun
    why do ppl really hold personal convos in the reply section of random posts…its 2008; there’s instant messaging, emails, telephones…seriously

  8. State of Grace Says:

    “You think I’m Dane Cook or something?”

    “No, we think you’re funny.”


  9. j2daedubblef Says:

    haha greg hit the nail on the head and something that i’ve always been confused about on here.. what’s with all the losers with no lives always holding personal convos on here… comments to blog posts are SUPPOSED to be to solely comment on the post itself!!! guess they didn’t teach “internetz 101” in public schools or yall missed the class while yall were smokin swishas outside or something… i mean how sad does your life got to be that you hold personal convos on blog posts all day and not even comment on the post itself (i know, i know…how sad is MY life that i gotta comment in here on these people right?)…on the post, its not one of their funnier ones, just a few choice lines in there, like the dane cook one, but i like it cuz htown is gettin repped to the fullest, saw bun b in premium goods the other day actually, dude bought a shitload of kicks! r.i.p. chad butler…

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