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Video: Nas KUBE 93 Sound Session Interview

Nasir speaks on his album.

Full interview audio here

Props to DJ Hyphen.

Previously: N.E.R.D. Interview with KUBE 93’s DJ Hyphen

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8 Responses to “Video: Nas KUBE 93 Sound Session Interview”

  1. buddyholly Says:

    I swear to mutha, eskay going bi polar with these post smh

  2. buddyholly Says:

    nah ya’ll got it all twisted and shit… its lil’ homie Nas that you need to blame

    Nas created a fire storm and gave cred to contradicting smart dumb niggas that till this day I have to deal with. smh

    When we going back to Africa Nas? I thought we was supposed to reconnect wit da motherland b? Did I miss that jumpoff? “God’s Son” you supposed to lead example? what? now its “I can be a nigger too”? smh

    *burns kufi*

  3. Paperstacker Says:



    Funniest shit I’ve heard in a minute.

  4. thekid10705 Says:


  5. sleep Says:

    Best runs in hip hop history
    Bad boy(94-01)
    Death row(92-96)
    Cash money(99-03)
    Ruff ryder(98_01)
    No limit(97-99)

  6. fletch Says:

    Album title changed.

  7. East Coast Digital Radio-The Next Level Of Entertainment Says:

    Video: Nas KUBE 93 Sound Session Interview…

    Nasir speaks on his album.
    Full interview audio here
    Props to DJ Hyphen.

  8. Prophecy_Projectz Says:

    He’s right about the fact that Cube was saying and doing all this back in the day and no one in the Hip Hop community was bugging. Im saying, I think hes just trying to take it back to those days. Who gives a fuck if he contradicts himself? He’s an artist not a politician, let him reinvent himself with each album.
    Yeah Im talking to you too Mr NYOIL or should I say Kool Kim? That nicca went from some poor man’s native tounges to stop a motherfucker out to yáll should get lynched and he wants to speak on Nas? smh…

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