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Video: Hottest MC’s – Lupe, Curtis & Lil Wayne

Charisma, Influence And Flow: Young Jeezy, Lupe Fiasco And Snoop

A few more clips from MTV’s Hottest MC’s special, which airs again tonight at 11:00.

50 Cent ‘Never Goes Away’; Rick Ross And Jay-Z Open Doors

Lil Wayne Has To Deliver, Like Kanye And Jay-Z Already Have

Thanks to herfection for the heads up.

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19 Responses to “Video: Hottest MC’s – Lupe, Curtis & Lil Wayne”

  1. yeah me 2 Says:


  2. Mr.Londoner Says:


  3. 40 Inch Says:

    10. Busta Rhymes
    9. Young Jeezy
    8. Crooked I
    7. Lupe Fiasco
    6. Nas
    5. T.I.
    4. Lil Wayne
    3. The Game
    2. G-Unit
    1. Kanye West




  5. The Haters Says:

    Plies should be somewhere on here.

  6. Dex Says:

    still wondering where fab’s at

  7. Ehblogspot Says:

    That list is wack again… Kanye is not number one…. I’m Cool with Jay-Z or Wayne being number one, even though the last two Jay-Z albums were trash… 50 Cent gets hated on so much that people will never respect the fact that what he does is no different than any other artist not named Lupe or Talib… Snoop and Rick Ross should not be on the list same goes for Andre 3000 who last I checked has yet to release an album where he is actually rapping but if he is there just because he’s good then Eminem should be on the list because last I checked HE’S STILL BETTER THAN JUST ABOUT EVERY RAPPER ALIVE… So where does that leave this list? Well Jeezy and T.I should be higher and..WELL…..Where is Nas? His last album was a near classic and hes about to come again….This list is flawed

    1.Lil Wayne
    6. Kanye
    8-10 Whoever you’d like to put…

  8. Fr3ddy P Says:

    bull crap 40 Inches, bullcrap. 10,8,6,3 should not be on the list. don’t fool yourself.

  9. 40 Inch Says:

    bull crap 40 Inches, bullcrap. 10,8,6,3 should not be on the list. don’t fool yourself.

    ^ WHAT? lets see ur fav rapper put out a freestyle ova a span of a year bitch!!

  10. 40 Inch Says:

    note: they should do a list for producers too

  11. G-Harp The Producer Says:

    10. Bun B
    9. Ludacris
    8. Curtis
    7. Lupe Fiasco
    6. T.I.
    5. Nas
    4. Jay-Z
    3. The Game
    2. Lil’ Wayne
    1. Kanye West

    Just saying, the entire show is on MTV.com, and 40 Inch, I, a producer one would be great, but I don’t think they’d do it.

  12. E-Side LBC Says:

    Crooked I Shoud Be On This List, Anyone Remember Hip-Hop Weekly?

  13. goodtimes Says:

    crooked i is whak…only internet nerds know of that niggas. he’s on joe budden status. whak. hop off the nigga’s nuts.

  14. west one Says:

    this shit is so bias.

  15. Fixda Says:

    Fuck that Jeezy’s way hotter then Ross

  16. satch Says:

    i just watched the last top mc’s, and i don’t know how they can put kanye in front of jay-z. secondly,how they didn’t include fat joe in it.after his last cd ,and his longevity in the game.i think the people selecting the mc’s are more concerned about whats poping, instead of lyric and content.for instance,lil wayne (hot mc),but for the last few years ,all he’s done is features on other peoples joints and hot hooks.how can you compare to jay-z.we have gotten away from the lyrical content,and wowed by hot hooks and the snap era .half the mc’s have hot songs,but if you listen,they aren’t saying nothing

  17. LILCUE Says:

    PLIES? should be up dere
    why andre 3000…
    AND remy ma hit harder den lupe..
    but he iight…
    and jeezy should be be4 50.. and lil wayne is not dat hott foreal..

  18. halfamazing Says:

    I mean seriously, all you motherfuckers complain about the list, but let’s analyze that. You’re just mad that YOUR favorite dude didn’t make the list. Even in this comments section, any 10 of you couldn’t agree on who should be number one, so how the fuck you think mtv’s roundtable gonna agree?

    Crooked I? For real? hahahaha.

  19. G-Harp The Producer Says:

    DUH Kanye over Wayne!
    Anyone else hear Kanye West lyrically rape Wayne on the “Lollipop” remix, like, he actually made the song sound good, so, there ya go!

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