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Video: Dr. Dre Spotted in the Wild

Wow, a Dre sighting. TMZ, in their continuing efforts to record every celebrity on the planet’s reaction to the the Suge debacle, run up on Mr. and Mrs. Young in L.A.

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13 Responses to “Video: Dr. Dre Spotted in the Wild”

  1. Deep North Says:


  2. GMFB Says:

    Jesus. Hitler > TMZ

    oh, and second

  3. Fresh Says:

    how do comments get accepted on this shit?!!!!

  4. Robbie P Says:

    Hahah, gully Dre pulls a knife out in the end

  5. Ugly Truth Says:

    nice mini-van andre.

  6. Ehblogspot Says:

    Damn he’s aged but that chick he was with was kind of cute..

  7. Bueller? Says:

    I wonder when that leathery-face ass nigga gonna drop that album? Damn, he look like a character in a Eddie Murphy movie. His wife is bad as fuck, though.

  8. Gattuso Says:

    first of all tmz is papparazzi trash.

    second of all, razzis have no respect. thats a legend ure mockin.

  9. wax Says:

    we want that album Dre.

  10. MC Winkel Says:

    Don’t just walk around, Dre.
    Finish Detox!

  11. $tackMillion$ Says:

    Im pretty sure hes getting into a new range fam.


  12. Prone Says:

    Hahah, gully Dre pulls a knife out in the end

    More like he was anxious to start his car…

  13. tblanx Says:

    i feel bad for some of these celebs… dres been MIA for a couple years now and he’s still got a flock of paparazzi * word to xzibit *

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