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MIMS – Driving Down The Block Freestyle

Wow, look who just resurfaced. I was sure this guy had cashed out and was hiding on an island somewhere.

MIMS is an interesting character in that he can actually kind of rap, but he chose not to for his lead single, and it became the biggest song of his life.

His album was mostly trash, but I do recall him having one pretty good joint on there that was real introspective and lyrically up to par. I don’t recall the name, and the mp3’s have long been deleted. Oh well.

MIMS – Driving Down The Block Freestyle

Shake has another joint over Wayne’s “A Millie” if for whatever reason one new MIMS freestyle just isn’t enough.

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9 Responses to “MIMS – Driving Down The Block Freestyle”

  1. mclevels Says:

    why mims trying to rap like the clipse?

  2. korey Says:

    its amazing how much hate this guy gets just cause he didn’t pay dues smh

  3. Nu Boy Says:

    Shop Boyz… It’s Your Move.

  4. Nu Boy Says:

    Shop Boyz… It’s Your Move.

  5. Mag Says:

    washington heights STAND UP…

    harlem ain’t been the same since gentrification

  6. Logic Speaks Says:

    eskay, I’m like 100% sure you’re thinking of “Doctor, Doctor”

  7. nick Says:

    mims never bothered me i think the song your thinking about is either doctor doctor which was sick or i did you wrong again sick…over all not a great album but he has potential he just got fucked up by the money and record labels telling him what to do.

  8. TC Says:

    Logic and Nick beat me too it but that’s the one.

    LOL @ Nu Boy

  9. nick Says:

    if mim can put out doctor doctor style shit on his next album which i heard was coming out this year….i will be very excited to hear it…if he puts out shit like “like this” i will not even both listening to the album

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