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Mic Terror – Lesson C (Mazzi Dis)

Chicago lyricist and URB 100 inductee Mic Terror takes exception to Mazzi’s Lesson A/B project.

Mic Terror – Lesson C (Mazzi Dis)

via FSD

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25 Responses to “Mic Terror – Lesson C (Mazzi Dis)”

  1. nation Says:

    eskay, I believe you have my stapler

  2. donkey punch Says:


  3. ClickClack Says:

    Wow. So you can have a good beat, a good hook, bad raps, and still make a good song. I’m impressed.

  4. cs88_Rich_uncle_PENNYBAGS Says:



    the red hot chili peppers >>>>>>

  6. ClickClack Says:

    Then again, this shit is bland.

  7. nation Says:

    >> the red hot chili peppers >>>>>>

    i agree

  8. KILLA JONES Says:


    new max B

    gettin at jimmy n his wife

    ahh my fault eskay lol


    Rampage Jackson speaks on Suge

  10. wally b. champ Says:

    so nah right is done fucking around now?

  11. catch22 Says:

    rampage is that dude, (-) but who really gives a fuck what he has to say about suge?

  12. G7 Says:

    *lesson C crickets*

  13. catch22 Says:

    eskay, I believe you have my stapler

    its a swingline stapler, they switched from the boston to the swingline but i kept my swingline because it didnt bind up as much and they said i could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume if paula can listen to her headphones while shes filing i can listen to the radio while im collating and they moved my desk from the window and i could see the squirrels and they were merry..
    *trails off into inaudible mumble*

  14. catch22 Says:

    is he rockin a high top gumby fade? or is the top of the picture just real dark?

  15. D. Billz Says:

    She touched it.


  16. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    “What’s your name?…Who’s your daddy?……Is he rich like me???”

  17. Sangano Says:

    easily the worst rhyme spit over this monster beat….WACK!

  18. Mikey McFly Says:

    Not really feelin this….

  19. harrydirty Says:

    max b is nice…she touched it in miamii

  20. DBtheGmc Says:

    Soooo, wack rappers are beefing now? Is this the new movement? Where’s Fat Joe? Did he approve this Hot Steamy Piece of Croc pie?

  21. IllMfksz1 Says:



  22. Read Richards Says:

    Is this guy serious LOL, MIC TERRIBLE!! Its a little late for a “lean back” remix, is Chicago really that far behind?

  23. Adilla Says:

    This shit is trash

  24. Exp Says:


  25. Jewtino Says:

    Weak, You Lose.

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