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DMX Tried to Skip on Hospital Bill?

You may recall that a fraud investigation involving a Mayo Clinic in Arizona was mentioned in a news story announcing X’s arrest last week on drug and animal cruelty charges. Now the Arizona Republic has revealed more details about the case, one of many that the rapper is likely to be fighting over the next few months.

The rapper checked into Mayo’s emergency room, complaining of shortness of breath and chest pains, the documents said.

Doctors diagnosed their patient with pneumonia and released him eight hours later.

“Someone in the projects is going to get the bill,” Simmons allegedly told a visitor to his hospital room, according to a search warrant served on the hospital May 9 by Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies.

Damn Earl, all of those millions of records sold and all that Hollywood money, and you’re trying to stick some poor slob in the ‘jects with your medical expenses?

That’s straight Yonkers kid, keep it up.

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15 Responses to “DMX Tried to Skip on Hospital Bill?”

  1. nation Says:

    Budden’s verse > Banks’ > Stack’s > that Riot Squad ninja’s > Swizzy’s screaming > Foxy Brown’s

    M I RITE?!?

  2. GMFB Says:

    FUCK! Second though.

  3. PHOENIXXX Says:


    Budden’s verse>>>>Banks’>>>>>Stack’s>>>>(Core>>>Bynoe, the riot squad ninjas)>>>>Swizzy’s>>>>>Shawty Lo’s career>>>Foxy’s

  4. PHOENIXXX Says:

    Damn X

    so this is how it ends for the Dog.

    R.I.P. another wasted talent

  5. cMac Says:

    ayyyoo nurse… can i get some water


  6. Digital Scales Says:

    hit you with no delaying so what you saying yo?

    silly with my 9 milli what the dealyyo

  7. theshoelace Says:

    that picture is just screaming, ‘field day’.

  8. Nonchalant Misfit Says:

    you can take Earl out of Yonkers, but you can’t take the Yonkers out of Earl…lookin’ like a DC parking lot attendant

  9. HombreNegro Says:

    life is always gonna be passing over a niggah that’s always trying to get over- u can’t have no peace living like that…

    that was my Shakespeare shit right there…

    *dapeth myselfeth*

  10. Ron Says:

    Unfortunately I think DMX is HIV positive. That explains a lot of his ailments. I hope he gets help before it actually turns to AIDS. I hope the best for him, from a life standpoint.

  11. Nonchalant Misfit Says:

    Dark Man X a/k/a The Born Loser

  12. Get off 50's nuts Says:

    This is what I expect from a true “NIGGER”…I’m sooooo glad that I am Black!!!!!!

  13. mzvirgo Says:

    A lot of rappers don’t have health insurance unfortunately. But that is messed up that he would stick the bill to someone else.

  14. Bueller? Says:

    Damn, homie look like he need a bath….and a NA meeting…

  15. The Week OnSMASH [5.18.08] | OnSMASH Says:

    […] The end of the week has arrived, and it ended with the Cavs losing to the Celtics in game 7. Shoutout to Lebron for putting up such an incredible fight. Who would have thought Pierce was gonna show up today? MTV showed up with their “Hottest MC’s” list this week though. Seems like everyone has their opinions on it. Nas made his rounds all through the press this week as well. Word is he changed the title of his album, i guess we’ll see what happens. Remy Ma got the news that shes gonna be property of the state of New York for 8 years and even the ‘victim‘ of the shooting was making her rounds on the radio. At least she didnt skip out on hospital bills like DMX did. Dissapointingly, rappers cant even co-sign their own albums anymore, while everyone is so caught up with the Suge knockout guy. Enjoy your 15 seconds of fame kid. […]

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