The Game Source Cover

Wow, and I thought they exhibited balls with their N.E.R.D./Gnarls cover. This should go over nicely at Barnes and Noble’s Wichita branch. That being said, what is wrong with this guy? What is he trying to accomplish with this I-wanna-die routine? He’s lucky he can rap. Marvin and Curtis are going to have a field day with this.

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104 Responses to “The Game Source Cover”

  1. DL3 Says:


  2. LeeRoYBuSSin Says:

    Niggaz Corny like Whut Whut in the Butt

  3. LeeRoYBuSSin Says:

    Yo anybody see that Street Kings When dat White nigga from the Matrix beats his ass wit a phone book HAHAHA Everything he does somehow ends up makin him lookin like some abused bitch dat don’t know where to go eiter in the Music game or TV game The Game is just a fuckin loser Yea Nigga pull dat trigga haha

  4. chase Says:

    maybe if u guys would hav grown up the way he did and gone through what he went through as a kid, you would understand…also, try gettin shot 5 times and left for dead and see how u feel…dont go judgin him sayin he just wants attention..ReSpEcT for The Game!!

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