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Buckshot’s Notebook


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12 Responses to “Buckshot’s Notebook”

  1. pockets Says:

    yes im sure thats his actual notebook, he has perfect penmanship

  2. electroGREMLIncs88 Says:


  3. hip hop cops Says:

    >>so i went over to the toilet and was like standing in front of it and was like this isnt gonna work, the hairs are gonna fall everywhere

    i’ve always found the stoop works great

  4. buddyholly Says:

    nah right?

  5. pockets Says:

    in the video in the last post, the news anchor said over a decade ago, some would call hip hop a fringe movement WTF. 1998?

  6. pockets Says:

    i like chicks that like chicks, they can have it
    she like the other broad so i call my bitch a faggot


  7. Big Homie Says:

    Cam’s notebook > Buckshot’s notebook


  8. electroGREMLIncs88 Says:


  9. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    LOL @ the lyrics to “Purple Sparrowz”

  10. jfoxgotraps Says:

    elementary rhymes. no real depth to this. NEXT!

  11. catch22 Says:

    LF: the toilet paper at my job is like newspaper. you either wipe thoroughly and suffer from rectal bleeding or wipe gently and suffer from swamp ass all day.

  12. Dun Says:

    Yesterday right as I got off the A train at West 4th street and walked toward the exit, I’m walking past the train with the doors still open.

    I walk by one door and a little familiar-looking dude is standing at the door of a train car. I stopped, went back a couple of feet and looked again. Unless Buckshot has a twin brother, it was him.

    But just to be sure, I said/asked, “yo, Buck?” He looked back at me, nodded his head like “whut up” and then the doors closed and the train was on its way.

    Now, I’m all for preserving the environment and “going green,” but what the fuck is Buck doing riding the fucking subway? Especially on the heels of a brand new album! I was embarrassed for him…

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