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Video: Common Freestyle at Georgetown

Lonnie goes off the head at GU.

via Tunji

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11 Responses to “Video: Common Freestyle at Georgetown”

  1. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:


  2. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    *looks around for CHea to rep ALma Mater hard* [||]

  3. Eli Porter Says:


  4. Mag Says:

    Ai and Ewing got a lot in…

  5. Jud Buechler Says:

    how are the beastie boys more hip-hop than jeezy?……Cause they sound more east coast and new yorkish than jeezy?

  6. pockets Says:

    yo why didnt papoose use the law library against the judge.

    okay im done now, i think.

  7. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    Jeezy > Beastie Boyz

    and I fux with both

  8. no more ty big's just call me Kenard Says:

    I just finished a new post up my spot and had this clip as part of it but I had to repost it here since I know a lot of you won’t see it otherwise, you might of seen it before but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best clips ever


  9. Jud Buechler Says:

    Phoenixxx, is right…..Beastie Boys aint hip-hop….

    I don’t think Noel Gallagher is racist as much as he is pro-rock and anti rap….

    It’s a lot of people who dont like rap, but are not racist….


    you can’t just go around getting mad and saying everyone is racist just because they don’t like rap….Again, many black people don’t even like rap….so why should whitefolks like rap?

    Rap fans don’t like country and many of them don’t like Rock…..Just reverse the situation for like summerjam and have metallica and foo fighters perform and its the same thing….


    Rock the bells concert is elite hip-hop purist who dabble into rock and roll…..Basically full of white people who enjoy rap and Lyrics driven rap…Not for people who bump Murder, dipset, and T.I

  10. The W Says:

    beastie boys still got a dj that scratches, how many in the game got that? scratching has been replaced by fools who just “spin” instrumentals on ipods.

    scratching (mix master mike) > lame ass instrumentals/bringing it back 100X

  11. Woadie McJenkins Says:

    Common should freestyle his whole album.

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