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ThisisCurtis Interviews Suge Knockout Guy

Allegedly. This guy is gonna ride this to hood immortality.

Previously: Suge Layed Out (Pics)

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30 Responses to “ThisisCurtis Interviews Suge Knockout Guy”


    this sounds like a joke

  2. Mr Stark Says:

    lol bout time suge got knocked the fuck out

  3. Henny Says:

    I hear……lyrics coming

  4. killa Says:



    Actually, i heard this morning that the dude hit him in the back of the head with some kind of object. Suge wasnt knocked out by just a mere punch to the chin.

  6. MajaLeeg Says:


    Sit yo ass down!!

  7. D. Billz Says:

    Who in the hell still says “mark ass buster”?

    Gotta be fake…

  8. mf air Says:

    ay so i’m in tha club right
    ay so i’m in tha club right

    and i’m pressin charges
    i’m pressin charges
    i’m pressin charges

  9. D. Billz Says:


    May 13th, 2008 at 8:29 am
    Actually, i heard this morning that the dude hit him in the back of the head with some kind of object. Suge wasnt knocked out by just a mere punch to the chin.

    ^Holy shit Sherlock!

  10. Digital Scales Says:

    this shit is fake, still funny as hell tho

  11. KiNGrEx Says:

    ayyy so um in da cluuuub

    freakin hilarious

  12. CiCi The Intern Says:

    This ish can’t be real lol …

    That X-Files trailer has me geeked beyond belief …

  13. D_block_4_life Says:


  14. Digital Scales Says:

    ever felt like you would make a good girl bad if you stood with her long enough???

  15. D_block_4_life Says:

    Digi, Billz, CiCI….Wat The F$#@ is up?

  16. MiamiDaze Says:

    Where is the transcript of this conversation, I couldn’t understand a gotdamn thing. LA education system in full effect!!!

  17. Frank White Says:

    so he was in the club, (nah) right?

  18. Maurice Garland Says:

    cmon man, this aint real.

  19. Suge Knockout Guy Says:

    shit aint real but fun as hell…

  20. sf Says:

    that shit was hilarious ..

  21. harrydirty Says:

    he was in the club…right (nah)

    this aint the guy, id bet my life.

    i like how he calls her bitch though

  22. MistaGoodBar Says:



    “So I was in the club, Right!”

  24. cestert Says:

    Come on you know this shit is fake !!!!

  25. wax Says:

    the only way this dude is gonna avoid getting dissappeared is by being real public about this shit, because then obviously if something happens to him police will be on suge for ever. Suge’s gonna play it quiet, and then 10 years later out of nowhere, BOOM!

    then this guys gonna be hangin with Tupac in cuba drinking mojitos man

  26. Trent Says:

    This is clearly fake.

    His story doesn’t correlate with the police and/or with witnesses’ reports of the incident.

    Plus, he sounds dumb (and high) like a motherfucker.

    And honestly, for the dude that really hit Suge Knight, he should stay low and not be in the media publicizing that shit. Dude is a marked man.

  27. chin Says:

    dude might be a marked man.. but if he aint shit, why would he fuck with suge knight? hahaha he must be somethin in tha hood tho.

  28. JayLee Says:

    she seems down to get with nigga raz herself.

  29. JERSEY Says:

    Rap,scrap or blast…lol

  30. Mr.WillDoIt Says:

    This is fake–TUPAC DID IT!

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