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Gallery: RZA’s “U Can’t Stop Me Now” & “Drama” Video Shoot

And finally, some super tease thumbnails from the final edit:

Related: Read the video treatment at SDSU

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8 Responses to “Gallery: RZA’s “U Can’t Stop Me Now” & “Drama” Video Shoot”

  1. Ghost Writer Says:

    Let the ether begin….

  2. catch22 Says:

    yeah i saw that OJ story on TV and googled it to read up on it some more.
    sorry for commenting so late. i’ve been trying to post shit for like an hour but this server has the itis.

  3. pHallThEwAy Says:


  4. catch22 Says:

    *pre-emptive pause*
    that “chick” in the gold has a suspicious bulge in her bikini bottom
    (again i say no homo)

  5. GET Says:

    The Knockout Kid

  6. no more ty big's just call me Kenard Says:

    GET Says:
    May 12th, 2008 at 5:03 pm
    The Knockout Kid

    …… he needs more people …….

  7. AJ Says:


  8. News » Okayplayer news 05.13.08 Says:

    […] • Courtesy of nahright, we have some behind the scenes pics with the RZA. The pics are from the video shoot for his new songs “U Can’t Stop Me Now” and “Drama.” Both off his upcoming Digi Snax album, Bobby looks like he’s livin’ it up with the ladies (perhaps he should get one of them to braid his hair.) […]

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