Video: Big Lou – The Session

New video from Big Lou of Kay Slay’s Streetsweeper Entertainment.

Spotted at Shake’s crib.

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8 Responses to “Video: Big Lou – The Session”

  1. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    actual streetsweepers>streetsweeper entertainment

  2. green eyes Says:

    about time: atl police want to arrest souljah girl aka the crazy train ho

  3. catch22 Says:

    lou, you need a better rap name

    we need to retire the rap name prefixes, young, big and lil’

  4. RIGZ Says:



    “…How old are you boy? You orta be at home with your Mama…”

    I so glad I never got caught doing nothing like this in my knucklehead era

  5. Joe 88 Says:

    >>Everytime it used to come on Rap City, i would call my man (pause), and we would crack the fuck up at the unintentional comedy. It took at least 17 phone calls before we realized we were actually making the calls because the song was amazing and a complete mind fuck that our brain needed at least 17 viewings to fully process. I bought 400 Degreez immediately after this admittedly bizarre moment of clarity. So did he. So,no matter what, I always check for Juve when he’s got some new shit because…well,because he’s the dude that made “Ha”.

    ^lol, I remember the first time I seen that video also, I knew right there that that song was a hit (sometimes you just know) I went to school the next day & I was telling my homeboy about it, & some random nig came from far left field like “you talking bout the “ha” nigga? Yo he serious” everyone else was like he bullshit, cause the tank was still running shit, but I knew that dude was gonna blow (n/h). Lil wayne & his papa can’t thank that man enough, fuck that, the cash money logo should be a picture of juvenile, bowl cut & all, lol

  6. b-ease Says:

    Trapped in the closet is a classic…..Everybody and they mama was singing that song….Plus his latest joint was fire too…..R.Kelly has been putting out hits and singing his ass off….But he still needs to go to jail…..

    Key word : was. Ask the same people to sing that stupid shit now and you’ll get a blank stare. And people weren’t singing it because it was good, they were singing it because it was fucking hilarious. The definition of a gimmick song, not classic. Didnt hear his latest album but he hasnt SUNG in years. Kellz has been stuck in that wack half rapping style on some Nelly shit for a while. Can’t argue that he’s been putting out hits, but I will argue that he hasnt put out a good song in some time…

  7. Willy Da Kid Says:

    wow…I love it..who upload this video? It’s amazing…I just give the link of it to my friends on Tallmeet.c om _ (a tall daing club)..they love it..

  8. Critic Says:

    DJ Kay Slay is going to fuck up this niggas career like he did with papoose.

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