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Kidz in the Hall – God Bless

Kidz in the Hall – God Bless

Here’s the iTunes bonus track for The In Crowd, which is now available on iTunes and will hit stores next week.

You might wanna go see Mr. X too, he got that work.

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12 Responses to “Kidz in the Hall – God Bless”

  1. 2am Says:


  2. eskay Says:

    full, mastered version of Jeezy’s “Put On” ft. Kanye West


  3. Elijah Says:

    Huh, the track doesn’t work for me.

  4. In the In Crowd Says:

    you didnt upload anything for the song, its a blank file

  5. canza Says:

    Links dont work….tracks werent fully uploaded or something.

    plz re-up

  6. 2am Says:


    Thank you for what you do man

  7. novelsone Says:

    full, mastered *clean* version

  8. hydrophonicaudio Says:

    Yo Eskay!!! Did you remove the file? I’ve tried every service listed in the link, but I keep getting a dummy file….it’s like 6.0kb so I know that something is wrong…..

  9. TC Says:

    6 KB?

  10. Novacane Says:

    Yeah what’s up with this file? I didn’t DL it cause it’s so small it can’t be an actual song

  11. William Says:

    Audio doesn’t work, homie

  12. William Says:

    LOVE the album tho, esp. the Black Milk joint

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