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Foxy Pleads Guilty in Blackberry Assault Case

Inga plead guilty to a charge of menacing this afternoon for slapping her neighbor around with her Blackberry last year.

From MTV

According to Brown’s lawyer, Laura Dilimetin, the plea deal allows the rapper (born Inga Marchand) to avoid a felony assault charge from an incident in 2007, during which she is alleged to have hit a Brooklyn woman, Arlene Raymond, in the face with a BlackBerry.

“There was no penalty and we consider it a victorious day today, and we’re moving forward so she can focus on her career, family and fans,” Dilimetin said. “She feels great. She’s really happy and excited to move forward. We’re very pleased with this outcome.”

She gets off with time served and adds yet another letter of apology to her to-do list. So no more jail for Inga…for now. She might still get a free trip to the cleaners though, as the victim has filed a civil suit against her.

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