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Video: Royce, Little Brother + More Freestyle

Royce The 5’9, Phonte & Pooh of Little Brother, J-Ro of the Liks, Rasco & Planet Asia of Cali Agents, Kid Vicious (Royce’s brother), Nironic and more freestyle onstage in Prague.

Thanks Charlie.

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36 Responses to “Video: Royce, Little Brother + More Freestyle”

  1. Wavy Shprocketts Says:

    the cool

  2. nessnice Says:


  3. catch22 Says:

    royce is serious.
    lookin forward to bar exam 2.

  4. DrewDown Says:

    Ain’t nobody freestylin

  5. nation Says:

    (from CNN)

    Latest News

    * 6.8 earthquake shakes Tokyo 44 min
    * Clinton fights on as prospects dim
    * Ticker: Time for Clinton to quit, backer says
    * Delegate counter: Can Obama be overtaken?
    * iReport.com: Do you think it’s over for Hillary?
    * Fire shoots out top of college building Video T-shirt
    * 6 fraternities suspended after drug bust
    * D.C. sniper: ‘Murder this innocent Black man
    * WSB: Georgia first to ban ‘pot candy’ to kids
    * Woman gets life for setting friend ablaze Video
    * Koalas at risk from toxic eucalyptus leaves
    * Forget your shrink — just blog 48 min
    * Video shows babynapping, police say Video
    * Julie Andrews feels ‘lucky’ to have made it
    * 60-lb. pit bull found wedged in engine Video T-shirt
    * CNN Wire: Latest updates on top stories

  6. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Rick Ross continues to close in on Gold status, coming in at #3 with “Trilla” selling 18,300 copies this week, bringing The Boss to 484,000 total.

  7. AJ Says:


  8. green eyes Says:

    * Koalas at risk from toxic eucalyptus leaves

    ^ poor koalas

  9. BMUSE Says:

    * Koalas at risk from toxic eucalyptus leaves


    Thats sad.

    # DrewDown Says:
    May 7th, 2008 at 3:32 pm

    Ain’t nobody freestylin


  10. catch22 Says:

    LF: news report i just saw said a nickel costs 8 cents to make…SMH.
    no wonder we are in a recession

  11. nation Says:

    >> LF: news report i just saw said a nickel costs 8 cents to make…


  12. Da PartyStarter Says:


    Lookalikes (c) LandLord

    D.C. Sniper and Denzel Washington’s character in “He Got Game”

  13. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Ive been training a temp all day, home girl is really gettin on my nerves…

    *Thinks about putting white out in her hot coco*

  14. BASHWON Says:

    The DJ did Pooh dirty with that beat switch! lol

    Was dope overall, though.

  15. eskay Says:

    >>Ain’t nobody freestylin

    for the 1000th time, you know what I mean

  16. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    YO ESKAY THANKS FOR THE DVD jic you missed it …….*turns up TI$A Obama Way* best pro Obama song out par none

  17. catch22 Says:

    kanye’s sunglasses are homo. let me catch my homie wearin some female type sunglasses like that.

  18. Two-Times Says:

    Dps… what’s good with Mike Knox up there in Philly.. Somebody told me h e got locked up.. ya heard anything..

    and Tone Trump got a big buzz out there right now right???..

  19. Brodie Says:

    Phonte was freestyling at the end of his part. It was wack, but at least he did a real freestyle



  21. hip hop cops Says:

    bowels clenching


    those Kanye glasses look like what I’d imagine perscription sun glasses for old women would look like, except more feminine

  23. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Finding Forever > The Cool
    The Big Bang > Every other busta album
    Doctors Advocate > Rotten Apple
    Killa Season > Purple Haze
    The Reason > The Truth
    The Reason = The B.coming
    Fishscale > Supreme Clientle

  24. catch22 Says:

    Killa Season > Purple Haze


    nuh uh

  25. Two-Times Says:

    >> Video: Joe Budden Talks Ransom Beef w/ SMACK

    Budden interviews are fuckin real talk… you can tell he aint lyin or tryin to impress anybody.. Budden real…. He makes a 100 % sense… its this type of shit that gets people interested in they music..

    And I seen 1 Ransom interview, and after that i knew he was a bird..

  26. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Killa season was my ishhh B

  27. D_Block_4_life Says:

    wat up two, buddens is in my top 3 right now

  28. Da PartyStarter Says:

    Dps… what’s good with Mike Knox up there in Philly.. Somebody told me h e got locked up.. ya heard anything..

    and Tone Trump got a big buzz out there right now right???..

    Wassup 2X?
    I haven’t heard much on the streets lately. Catz is REALLY concerned about the goonery being perpetrated by the po-lice here since one of their own was murdered Saturday. I’ll talk to my mans and hit you back this evening. I DO know Trump got a mixtape either just dropped or coming soon. This dude “something” Montana is blanketing the city with mixtapes and although it’s the same ol’ same ol’ subject matter, dude got some spit to him…

  29. Two-Times Says:


    word… good lookin on that..

  30. game over Says:

    @ Drew Down, Phonte was freestyling off the top for the second half of his performance. Everbody else had writtens.

    Phonte > Royce

    I retract the prior props I gave Royce in the Budden thread.

  31. Kanemku Says:

    yo planet asia tore it up yo… the my homie Phonte… man Little Brother is my favorite group (after Outkast) but yea man they tore it up… specially planet asia

  32. MatchzMalone Says:

    Poobie gonna use his verse from Plastic Cups… smh, coulda atleast used an unreleased verse that no one had heard before.

  33. clubba lang Says:

    Planet Asia ripped it…looked like that was a good show

  34. Panama Pete Says:

    These cats all ripped it! Why can’t we get performances like this in the states? Ni**as gotta do this kinda shit overseas where people don’t even speak English?! Anyway, that shirt Kid Vicious is rockin is dope! Looks like dangerousNEGRO… that shit must be about to blow.

  35. The Known World Says:

    On the real: This is some beautiful shit. Magnetic… L.B. N.C.’s finest!

  36. TheOriginalBadnewz Says:

    That was love right there. It wasn’t all freestyle like some of yall said, but at least them cats was moving the crowd like true MCs. I met Pooh at the Time Warner shop here in Raleigh while we were both bringing our boxes back. Duke was cool and humble as hell. He seemed kinda suprised that somebody recognized him.

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