Video: Joe Budden Speaks on Prodigy, Saigon

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17 Responses to “Video: Joe Budden Speaks on Prodigy, Saigon”

  1. Two-Times Says:

    FREE P

  2. nation Says:


  3. nation Says:

    yo that Mos verse 911 posted in the last thread was a hidden gem on that album

  4. sleep Says:

    Joe budden is the stephon marbury of hip hop never lived up to potential not all his fault blame the tall isreali

  5. nation Says:

    yo sleep… I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Mood Muzik 2 AND 3 were reaching more potential than he could ever do on any major and way more than any other artist has done

    but yeah, it is mostly Israel’s fault

  6. sleep Says:

    Bald pussy»»hairy pussy
    I don’t eat that shit with hair go get a brazillian wax bitch

  7. sleep Says:

    Smh @ clemens fucking 15 year old bitches nigga u roger clemens u couldve got any pussy back then

  8. 911 Says:

    # sleep Says:
    May 6th, 2008 at 12:44 am

    Bald pussy»»hairy pussy
    I don’t eat that shit with hair go get a brazillian wax bitch

    >>This made me laugh uncontrollably for some reason…I’m not sure why. prolly some truth in there.

    They call me tummy sucker don’t go below the navel…see dwayne. pause.

    @nation – I’m calling it a classic album. I could be alone in that thought, but that’s how I feel today. It was an abnormal album. No structured songs nothing. Go in vibe, leave.

  9. Two-Times Says:

    Jud Buechler Says:

    There is no personal gratification for coming to a blog and acting like a female….Again, you are separating the context In hand…I might use a different name and act like that character….and sometimes its a woman….Most names I used were male dominated forms, so to twist my meanings, thoughts and words doesn’t do any justice…

    Just Like How people e-fight with you how you always say to people “come See me” but when Eskay says it no one says anything, is exactly what you’re doing.

    Fux has a lot of names
    Phuque- Has alot of names
    Chea – a lot of names
    A host of others have multiple names….

    so whats so different when I use it?

    nah it’s totally different Boosie… they just change therre names but tell people who they are.. you playin roles, characters and shit, actin like a female, etc..

    they just changin there name cause they want a different name, you changin your name tryin to fool niggas..

    and the main thang is none of them ever tried to act like a female on here.. thats’ wierdo type shit for real..

    and if anybody else do they same thing that you do, then ill call them out on it too, im not singlin you out.. if they do that shit, they got problems too..

    your 23 years old and you playin characters on a fuckin blog… can’t you see how that is wierdo shit
    i don’t even know why im talking to you about this… smh..
    forget it

  10. Two-Times Says:

    props to Budden’s for this interview..

    he speakin the truth… that’s why i got respect for dude. he unlike most of these fake ass rappers.. he real..

  11. ~AD Says:

    Damn!! “Prodigy is like the hip hop version of Bobby Brown” LMAO!!!!

  12. Eightys Baby Says:

    Joey is a cold nigga. I fux with him(NH) shame he will never get a taste for the success that he longs for. SMH

  13. Mag Says:

    NY1 on the back

  14. Ro Says:

    This boy is saying a whole lot of words and ain’t saying nothing. the interviewer asked”what would make you reply to an emcee?” He contradicted himself in his answer. Boy shutUP.

  15. Fever Says:

    Blaaaaa Joe Buddens !!!! style and rhymes is not consistant !!!

  16. yaboy Says:

    joe buddens is the truth….

    padded room coming soon…

  17. vP Says:

    lol that shit he’s sayin about Prodigy is so true.

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