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Video: Ferrari with FREE Slab of Ribs!

Ferrari with FREE Slab of Ribs! from In Crowd Autos on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to “Video: Ferrari with FREE Slab of Ribs!”

  1. 305 bolo Says:

    first yes

  2. TC Says:

    1st time I ever heard Double O talk…

  3. Double-0 Says:

    u never watch any interviews huh… my shit talkin is usually in full bloom then

  4. clubba lang Says:

    Duck Down is killin’ em right now…The rosters crazy and the music quality is damn good….The cats make dope music..Can’t wait 4 the new joint…I’ll have it in heavy rotation as soon as I get it..
    btw…The promo commercials are funny as hell.

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