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Video: Joell Ortiz Team Invasion Freestyle

Obviously old, but still rippy. (I’m bringing that word back.)

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10 Responses to “Video: Joell Ortiz Team Invasion Freestyle”

  1. Parents Just Don't Understand Says:

    You should retire that word..but yeah he did rip it. Oldie but a goodie…straight raw

  2. Da PartyStarter Says:


  3. Da PartyStarter Says:

    SMH @ Joel Ortiz sippin’ a triple cream,low fat, no foam choco latte. THAT’S NOT HOOD!! LOL

  4. CiCi The Intern Says:

    You ain’t know? Starbucks is the new quarter-water…

  5. EnglandRepresent Says:

    lol @ Beli

    What are you plonkers arguing about? Whether 50 lost or not cos he had his chain snatched? Get. The. Fuck. Outta. Here. WHo gives a shit?

    I feel like a pickled onion this morning. I’m in all sorts of trouble. Alcohol is not my friend.

  6. Belize Says:

    *daps ENG*

    Wut up g7

    Im ride on this post…[||]…and another [||] for good measure

  7. Rob Rush Says:

    was rippy a word? awesome. ortiz wins again

  8. eskay Says:

    ^only around my way, but I’ma take it international.

  9. Fresh Says:

    I dont mean to sound blasphemous or whatever but…this dude really reminds me of Pun. His flow is bonkers.

  10. game over Says:

    dude is wild overrated. i like some of those 125’s and he had a few other joints (loved the dedication to pun, particularly), but this clip right here shows why dude would never make it…he’s doing that word-cramming-barely-on-beat thing that Kweli used to do all the time and his punchlines are more like slap-lines, wild weak. Yeah, he has multis but at the end of his spit I feel like I want those minutes of my life back. Cut it off halfway.

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