Video: ThisisCurtis Interviews David Banner Pt. 1

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22 Responses to “Video: ThisisCurtis Interviews David Banner Pt. 1”

  1. AJ Says:


  2. AJ Says:


  3. AJ Says:


  4. Da Real Says:

    Wow.. Dat boi spoke some real INFORMATION thru out the whole interview. Especially towards the end like the last 10mins. Now dat I said dat how many of yall gone sit thru the whole 30min.?
    Get Right My Nigga!!!

  5. SeeAmI? Says:

    why does Swizz have a tall isreali as his chain piece…

  6. AJ Says:

    bcos we getting paper!

  7. chea Says:


  8. MEGA Says:

    I respect that nigga! That’s Knowledge!

  9. G7 Says:

    just got back from a music store. Krs’ “Adventures in Emceein'” album is out. I don’t think anybody knew that. not that too many would care in 08′. bout to give it a listen.

  10. G7 Says:

    wouldn’t even recognize Banner without the beard. nhoc.

  11. chea Says:

    he said about 50 “from the way yo body look…”

    NO HOMO SON! shit’s disgustin. n*ggas is in love with fif lol

  12. west one Says:

    always had respect for banner. he a smart nigga.

  13. HHF Says: premieres 15th of nevuary 20009

  14. NotU Says:

    Yo I got more respect for Banner now……this dude is one smart cat….this was a great interview…..can’t wait to hear the rest…..

  15. Q Double Says:

    That was an ill interview….I agree with so many points and peoples never understand the shit I say. David Banner put it all out there…We’ve been reduced people, fucking reduced!!!! Thats why I stopped rhyming and hittng the studio, cause everybody and they mother do it, creativity is dead and gone. Thats y I’m still in college doing my thing.

  16. Ehblogspot Says:

    Man I could listen to that dude talk forever…. Black conservatives are different than white conservatives but they are out there….

    Maybe people respect 50 because he actually is a good dude…

    But Banner had 20 minutes of great points..

  17. kelito =-vision Says:

    this interview was dope…i’m now thinkin about coppin my first Banner album

  18. Fever Says:

    Big up to David Banner, I always respected is manor and intelligence alil more than his music real talk. I like how he said music sucks without saying the south is making alot of bullshyt music. He forgot about Ludacris though that would probably be the closest to Will Smith the south is gonna get. I nominate DB for spokeperson of the dirtty dirrty.

  19. boi-dan Says:

    He made a few points, but he admitted the Greatest Story ever told is purposely devoid of social themes.


  20. yaboy Says:

    not a fan of dude.

  21. Designatedd Says:

    Damn. This dude is the truth lmao

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