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Video: Illa Ghee – Let ‘Em Know

Previously: Illa Ghee – Bullet & A Bracelet (Video)

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11 Responses to “Video: Illa Ghee – Let ‘Em Know”

  1. AJ Says:

    whos this? any way wiley for number 1!

  2. AspeQt Says:

    …….this shit is corny.

  3. AspeQt Says:

    …….this shit is corny.

  4. AspeQt Says:

    …….this shit is corny.

  5. AJ Says:

    nah wiley real gutter grime sunny

  6. Ron Says:

    That piece is safe. You made your point that you’re a thoro dude. However, a nigga ain’t snatchin nothin that small bruh. Dude in his 40’s easily rappin about some childish shit. The music was aight tho.

  7. gadget Says:

    thanks for posting Eskay. Appreciate the support.

  8. Max Paine Says:

    you cats is crazy this song is dope, and so is the video. Illa Ghee is showing that he dont need Mobb Deep, to make it happen.

    also if dummies if Illa Ghee is 40 years old dont that make Prodigy, and Havoc 40 years old too ?? because they went to school together assholes.

    damn yall are morons

  9. June Says:

    Video is pretty dope.

  10. Jun Says:

    Dope video

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