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Video: Diddy’s Walk of Fame Ceremony

And I didn’t even have to leave NY.

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14 Responses to “Video: Diddy’s Walk of Fame Ceremony”

  1. nation Says:


  2. Plug Says:


  3. king Says:


  4. king Says:


  5. king Says:


  6. king Says:


  7. GMFB Says:

    6 once > second when you’re third 3 times.

  8. GMFB Says:

    just playing though, king. we’ve all hit submit too many times. eskay gets us all excited. none.

  9. Jimmy Valentime Says:

    Nice subliminal Eskay …..

    props on being clever….

  10. SwordFish Says:

    damn duke,
    You’s a phuckin hater, stop ridin that man phallus..he gettin his money stay off his wood, and you know that I know who we talkin bout, “you ain’t have to leave…” grow the phuck up. Atleast he ain’t hiding behind his computer u ego trippin nerd

  11. wow Says:

    Should it matta who beefin?
    Shit is entertainin. Eskay

  12. kasen Says:

    man eskay am a fan…..trust me……you r acting all mad dat real talkny is getting paid n cud afford a trip to LA……..MAD dat he’s getting more hits dan u ….MAD cos it aint u….tot billboard gave u props n all….aint nobody mad bout dat..cos he even got more hits dan u …man das sum weak emotion ryt dur………u ride jay’s dick ryt??? so am sure u heard he sed dont be jealous …..dats a female traits…or is eskay a surname????? HE’S CURTIS N U R MURDA INC……..hahahaha !!!! man get money n stop wid ur pathetic sublimianls!!! we wud like 2 see u interview ple too,,,come on WE WANT TO SEE U TAKE TRIPS TO INSTEAD OF “YOUTUBING’ ERTHG U GIVE US???,,,,u claim u the best ryt ??? do sumthg !!

  13. ace boogie Says:

    lol @ eskay being mad . the fact is most of fagtalkny hits come from stealing posts off here then spamming messageboards . if eskay was truly concerned with hits he would just apply the same tactics .

  14. lady Says:

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