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Video: Curtis & Co. in Brisbane

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10 Responses to “Video: Curtis & Co. in Brisbane”

  1. Ja Rule REMEMBER ME Says:

    Damn, The Unit livin that life

    I would rob the sh1t outta that versace hotel.

    nikkas look like they having a blast

    hip hop should be fun like that.

    i feel kinda sorry for Buck the Crack head , nicca missing out on those euros and pounds.

  2. Ja Rule REMEMBER ME Says:

    LMAOOOOOO@ Whoo Kid gettin’ attacked by a Kangaroo, getting sh1tted on by a Koala Bear & a Bird

    @ 50 comparing Banks’ work ethic to that of a lazy Koala Bear CLASSIC


  3. nation Says:

    did you ejaculate before the end of the vid? because there’s some better shyte towards the end of it

  4. dbo Says:

    Unit is gettin that money…lookin forward to TOS

  5. bakedziti Says:

    how about not posting everything curtis does and videotapes.

    loads of people go to brisbane

  6. Timi Says:

    @ bakedziti, loads of people like who? Dont say Jay-z

  7. DBtheGmc Says:

    I for one appreciate the fact that 1) if you are a fan, you do get to see more than your average concert clip, or somebodies home made music video…2) alot of muhfuggah’s DON’T go to “Brisbane” on the regular, since we are in the hood….I did’nt even realize there was a Vercace Hotel. I may have imagined it, but to actually see it wit fif walking around pointing shit out….that shit was better than “Crib” my naggin…

    you may not like everything about them dukes in G Unit do but at least appreciate that small things they do….

  8. realrelz Says:

    yo,whats the name of that first song?

  9. The Most Misunderstood Man Says:

    Buck should be there. It’s unfortunate though. There are actually people out there who will not buy the new album because Buck is out of the group.

  10. Parents Just Don't Understand Says:

    Man you can hate..but them dudes living that life..good to see people getting money.

    Yeah and that was hilarious what he said about Banks..he is lazy though. Banks looks like he is more about the women he can get from association.

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