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Video: Skillz Buys 15 Copies of Rising Down

He should have went to a mom and pop though, Best Buy is the devil.

Where’s yours?

via illRoots

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14 Responses to “Video: Skillz Buys 15 Copies of Rising Down”

  1. landlORD Says:

    … McNabb shouldnt have played in the Super Bowl whilst pregnant … case closed … what about the baby’s safety ??? …

  2. k91191 Says:

    fuck skillz

    thats the best buy i usually buy my CD’s at. no wonder why I couldn’t find rising down.

  3. David Blackham Says:

    class act!

  4. Fever Says:

    LoL @ Best Buy being the devil, one of the last places that sells authentic cds for $9.99 the day of the release. Big up to Skillz for supporting dat real Hip Hop. Big up to Rising Down…most of it anyway.

  5. Yianni Says:

    Support the Mom and Pops!!!

    And Best Buy is the devil. They put a limit on how many of one cd or dvd you can buy at a particular time. I wonder how they let Skillz do that.. When 300 came out, I tried to buy 10 copies so I could have in my store, they would only let me buy 3, so I had to go to another Best Buy. The price they had the dvd for, including tax was still cheaper than me trying to get it straight from the distributor.

  6. khal Says:

    fuck best buy. support your local music retailer.

  7. Aich Says:

    Word to that.

  8. jaydon the don Says:

    dude, word is bond, that was real.

    good album.

  9. Sloppy Joe Says:

    Bought it. Love it.
    And genuinely felt good doing it.
    Big ups to Skillz. That’s some real shit.

  10. kvn Says:

    now what if someone actually wants to buy the damn cd at that best buy!

  11. AJ Says:

    that video reminds me…….. hip hop is dead…..

  12. Ty Says:

    Well I can’t fuck with my local music supplier because we don’t have one in my neck of da woods….. BTW, Fuck Best Buy. I fucks wit Target……

  13. DEQUES(pronouncedDEXX!) Says:

    i copped rising down tuesday at bestbuy by cicero copped estelle yesterday
    was in skokie il. on business my girl went to the best buy off golf road and couldn’t find it they had it listed in their system as having 6 copies but couldn’t find it antwhere the white guy blew her off to holla at a whit chick employee and sent her to a brother who was pissed as he explained to her that it was the white guys section they sent her to evanston looked all around their system said 6 copies even though on the board announcing new releases hers wasn’t listed after 3 ppl searching everywhere possible for 15 min. they found it i remember reading on here before someone having the same problem with the roots last year. both cd’s are dope

  14. Yianni Says:

    The Best Buy in Skokie sucks. I’m olive skinned and they treat me like shit too. They aren’t being racist, just fuckin lazy.

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