KING’s Nas Q&A


If you haven’t picked up the new issue of KING—or you have, but you haven’t been able to make it past the Stacey Dash pictorial—you’re in luck. They’ve put the first half of “The Best Damn Nas Story Period” up on their site for your review. The Little Homey sat down with KING senior editor Thomas Golianopoulos in a studio in L.A. and spoke on a whole range of topics from his long career.

Here he speaks on his stans.

Do your longtime fans have unrealistic standards for you?
I like to hear somebody else say it, ’cause I know I’m not crazy. Yeah, man, I got the craziest, most hard-core fans in the game, and I love them, man. I’m human and I show you that. I wear that on my sleeve. I’m honest to a fault most of the time. And if they hear you being honest about one thing, they think that’s all you are. Then you might touch on something else, and it’s, “Hey, what’s going on?” And they don’t really know. It’s like, I’m here recording, giving you guys a piece of me. I’m giving motherfuckers little bits and pieces of me.

Tomorrow they’re putting up part two, which is where most of the really good stuff is. He speaks on Pun helping him write his verse on John Blaze, his beef with Biggie and whether or not he was talking about Jay on “Success.” I’ll try to throw up a reminder post tomorrow once it’s live.

Link: KING Legacy: Nasir Jones

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  1. G7 Says:

    Two-Times Says:

    April 30th, 2008 at 8:54 pm
    the 1st NYC artist ever to mess with UGK was……..

    50 Cent back in 99′…

    Jay-Z did it in for Big Pimpin in 01′…

    reeaaaachin’!!! Big Pimpin’ came out in 99. Volume 3. smh @ u tryna give 50 extra credit. 01′ Blueprint came out.

  2. Paperstacker Says:

    reeaaaachin’!!! Big Pimpin’ came out in 99. Volume 3. smh @ u tryna give 50 extra credit. 01′ Blueprint came out.



  3. EnglandRepresent Says:

    What up Nate? Norie, PStacks, Two? How you fuckers livin?

    No shots Two but lol @ me comin in here scrolling down to the bottom of the screen and seein you losing your shit at someone again. lol.


    Y’all don’t know about my Biggie wars
    Who you thought ‘Kick In The Door’ was for?

  5. Two-Times Says:

    cot damn Paperstacker stay losing….’s funny

  6. Paperstacker Says:

    *daps g7, nore*

  7. Two-Times Says:

    Big Pimpin’ came out in 99. Volume 3. smh @ u tryna give 50 extra credit. 01′ Blueprint came out.

    ^^^^^^ fault.. but 50 still worked on his POD with UGK before Jay did… Jay-Z already said that… and so did 50…

  8. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Eng whats the deal down under?

    ^^The deal down under is I dumped my strumpet last week, might have been a rash decision cos now I’ve got nothing to hump and last night I was seriously considering doing the wild thing with this ugly heffing munter at the bar. I didn’t though thank fuck, has saved my life. Whats doin Stateside fella? I’m heading to LA in September, then to Vegas then to New York New York, I will dominate Yankeeland. It’s a shame that the beer tastes like gash juice in the States but whatever. I’ll show you chieftains how to drink 40’s.

    lol at eng only popping up during a biggie conversation.

    ^^Impeccable timing.

  9. Two-Times Says:


    i think i hurt Paperpussy’s feelings hahaha…
    he don’t wanna respond cause he aint got no answer..

    he opens mouth and L’s L’s come out… he can’t stop losing…

    it’s not even me who keeps sonning him..
    you even got nuetral nahrighters calling him out as a hater… and then him getting shy real quick

    Paperstacker = Miami Dolphins……..

    set records for Loses

  10. Two-Times Says:

    Paperstacker = retarded kid who thinks he wining the race but he actually at the start line while everybody already getting gatorade at the finish line….


    My Movado says seven, the God hour, that’s if you follow
    traditions started by the school not far from the Apollo
    My “Fuck Tommorrow” motto through the eyes of Pablo
    Escobar the desperado – word to Cus D’Amato

  12. Two-Times Says:

    why you think Joe88 labeled Paperstacke(Kelis) as Nahright’s biggest hater…

    I said the same thing…and refuted every fact he brought up..

    Diggy said it….

    you can say what you want about me, but when 2 outsiders who keep things neutral, come call him the same thing, then you know it’s a fact….

    Paperstacker on that automatic losing shit……

  13. Two-Times Says:

    nobody respects this hater Paperstacker….

    now he probably gonna change it up, and stop hatin as much, like the bitch he is, but it’s too late he already been exposed toooooo many times, by tooo many different people

  14. nation Says:

    >> What up Nate?

    yo I discontinued that thing we spoke about, like.. on the spot. you were right man… not worth the hassle

    what’s good with you man? have you been dipping your into the whitewaters down under?

  15. EnglandRepresent Says:

    lmao @ nate. Good move bruh. Yeah I ditched my chica, too much drama. The good ones always give you the shits. It’s the way of the world. I’m just back out on the lash tryin to pump some sluts, back in the single game. Whats good in Monty town?

  16. nation Says:

    >> The good ones always give you the shits.

    don’t they? how does that make sense though

    must be because they have a little bit of intelligence and can notice that the males are trying to fuck them over

    >> I’m just back out on the lash tryin to pump some sluts, back in the single game.

    word… gotta get my cardio up for f’ing season.

    how you living

  17. Prophecy_Projectz Says:

    Other than the Cuba/Tiger talk which he lost me on , pretty decent interview from Mr Jones….

  18. khal Says:

    pt 2 is up, fam

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