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The Roots on Green Lantern’s The Invasion


After they taped their Letterman performance last night, the Roots swung by Green Lantern’s Hip-Hop Nation Radio show and did a live on air set. Audio and tracklist after the jump.

Jam Boyz (??) (ft. Dice Raw)
I Will Not Apologize
Long Time
RIP Jay Dee
Proceed Intro (RIP Dilla)
Get Busy (ft. Dice Raw)
Like A Pimp Freestyle Remix ft. David Banner
Rising Down (ft. Styles P)
Rising Up
75 Bars
Bonus: Rising Up (ft. Wale, Chrisette Michele) (Live on Letterman)

The Roots on Green Lantern’s The Invasion on Hip-Hop Nation

Pic and link flagrantly jacked from The Roots Blog. Head over there to check out some pics and a rundown of their hectic day.

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11 Responses to “The Roots on Green Lantern’s The Invasion”

  1. Joe 88 Says:

    Not guilty?

  2. moresickaMC Says:

    guilty!(c)Sean Bell

  3. Sean Coonery Says:

    Sex on the Beach word to Spring Break > Lighting up Trees

  4. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    aight thanks fuxie.

  5. goodtimes Says:

    kopd dat album today along with santogold and GTA IV for ps3, chea!!!!!

  6. Ghost Writer Says:

    *writes Ghost Writer over shades*

    Yo I just got word that your folk Soulja Boy is dropping a second album this year…..

    *does the Iron Man*

  7. Two-Times Says:

    Im the total package, you couldn’t ask for more

  8. jay Says:

    god bless the roots

  9. catch22 Says:

    ?uestlove has man-titties

  10. Plug Says:

    SMH @ me getting pinched for taking an executive lunch…

    *scrimmages to organize bosses birthday party*

  11. ninefourteen Says:

    how does this guy “porn” whose all over rising down expect people to google him?

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