Video: Mickey Factz ft. The Cool Kids – Rockin’ & Rollin’

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19 Responses to “Video: Mickey Factz ft. The Cool Kids – Rockin’ & Rollin’”

  1. farhaad Says:


  2. goodtimes Says:

    i didnt even watch it yet but its crazy that they made that video…i was bumping that in the whip today. randomly got that track in a cool kids mixtape

  3. Kanemku Says:

    it was cool

  4. mr. pilly wonk Says:

    all that’s missing is a track bike.

  5. J3FF Says:

    dope….I fucks with it

  6. embark Says:

    God Awful.

  7. goodtimes Says:

    yall corny for saying its awful. get a new ear drum asap

  8. Mr Starks aka Micmatician Says:

    I like Mickey like dude definitely can wrap but the cool kids. I am not really sure bout them boys man. I am bored of these new school we different look at my kicks. No disrespect. They might be “cool” but I stay bumping Mickey and Supreme Clientel. Wait where my Lex Diamond Story at????

    And please when is Mickey making an album, an word on that Esk.

  9. 2HQ Says:

    Come on now, gi’them they P’s for this shit.

    I don’t know that I’m ready for that sort of regime change just yet cause I sense no pain or agression in them (maybe somebody else from they generation will come out and cover that base), but that song is on the up and up.

    Cool Kids, and Mickey Facts specifically been aight, so far. I’ma co-sign em cause they sound like the muthafuckas who could rhyme dope when you was in like, 10th grade or some shit. Be real, this new generation of kids is either stupid as fuck understandably (soilder boy and hurricane chris), or soft as fuck (the KNUX) because if you couldn’t be a thug growing up where else was niggas learning how to be men. Those who ain’t one or the other are simply trying to find a new way, so muthfuckas need to let them have they time to show and prove.

  10. Mikey McFly Says:

    Yo I support these dudes… that other dude from Soul Purpose got a PHD PLAYER HATER DEGREE!!!

  11. Just.... Says:

    supras are ugly……………………………………….

  12. UpNorth Says:

    Hood By Air. Ha! Word…

  13. Los Says:

    shit is fire. hi haters

  14. JSE.L&F Says:


  15. iron86 Says:

    When did it become cool to be GAY?

  16. greg Says:

    Ok…these guys just need to admit they’re “hip hopster” rap… if they weren’t a label wouldn’t have given them a chance, if they weren’t they wouldn’t be rockin troop jackets(they’re ebay purchases must be bananas) and old school snap back mlb caps, they wouldn’t be rapping about pagers, they wouldn’t be hanging out with quan luv (alien the crew sucks), and they just wouldn’t BE…stop the fronting and just fall into your cesspool of wannabe throwback rejects, dope beats tho lyrics don’t mean jack to me nowadays

  17. bxstandup Says:

    Shits trash…….look like a bunch of wanna be popular high school kids going through an identity crisis

  18. Fresh Daily Says:

    u know an awful lot about all the shit you hate on.

    An AWFUL lot.

    This shit was fire.
    Shouts to Mickey, Quan, Melo, Vashtie, Plain Pat, Kidz in the Hall and everyone else who came out and rocked for my dude Mick. Word.

    We finna have sumn supra, ahem, I mean SUPER bonkers
    for ya in a minute.


  19. greg Says:

    it would be dumb for me to hate on something I dont know about

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