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Video: Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross & T-Pain – Cash Flow

I thought this guy’s name was Ace Gutta.

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20 Responses to “Video: Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross & T-Pain – Cash Flow”

  1. D. Says:


  2. Two-Times Says:

    I thought this guy’s name was Ace Gutta.

    well then u thought wrong dummy

  3. Ben Frank Says:

    yo.. I think Ross might be hittin that snoop chick.. They been spotted together waaaaaay too damn much… decent beat, same ole same… video… nah

  4. nation Says:

    Ace Hood looks like a Lil Wayne & T-Pain hybrid

  5. Fever Says:

    Shyt is ass-licious, like most of the shyt comming from Florida. Is Originality against the law to you clone corny ass rappers??

  6. Richie Cunning Says:

    Is anyone going to say anything about T-Pain’s hat? I mean….really?

  7. yung yung Says:

    i dont believe him he needs mo people!!!!!!!!!! but i like the record……potential to be a club banger……look for the remix w/ lil weezy

  8. Mr.E Says:

    i havnt seen the video but i anticipate a warm color film filter, some type of convertible car and or boat, lots of niggaz counting money for no reason and lots of niggaz in white tank tops (No homo)….oh and tpain wearin sum funky lookin hat that he picked up from the maad hater…

  9. The Truth... Says:

    Seriously, WTF is wrong with Khaled? And T Pain and all these corny ass retards? I mean, are they serious?
    I got bored before the first verse ended….who cares about this shit?!

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  11. lmao @ you Says:


  12. napps126 Says:

    Shout out to everyone that was there….it was a great turn out…..

  13. greg Says:

    Clinton Sparks sighting… yeah this is pretty lame, didn’t get through the first chorus

  14. greg Says:

    maybe his name was ace gutta and he changed it because we all know hood is the new pop…you’re not a real emcee until the midwest is bumpin your shit hard at a keg party

  15. MiamiDaze Says:


  16. The Grip Says:

    Someone needs to smack Khalid.


  17. Des Says:

    hood…gutta…what’s the difference?

    and to correct nation, he looks like a Lil Wayne/Guy who-sings-Pop-Lock and-Drop-It hybrid.

  18. G-Harp The Producer Says:

    I thought this guy’s name was Ace Gutta.

    That’s cool, I thought this guy’s name was Lil’ Wayne.

    I’m dissapointed, NO SPEED BOAT SCENE?!
    And since when has T-Pain worn a top hat….at all times.

  19. goodtimes Says:

    his name def was ace gutta

  20. timbo Says:

    he changed his name because the food court gangstas and the like wouldn’t be able to make the connection with “gutta” refering to the fact that he is hood. his street cred needs to be more explicitly stated

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