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CNN ft. The Clipse – My Hood


CNN ft. The Clipse – My Hood

via Mr. X.

UPDATE: Mastered, Complete version courtesy of Lowkey.

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9 Responses to “CNN ft. The Clipse – My Hood”

  1. ifym888 Says:


  2. nation Says:

    what what

    in the butt

  3. AJ Says:

    wiley is number 1!

  4. Tito Says:

    Damn! Niggaz be stealing and leaking shit!!! This joint aint even suppose to be out yet!! Stop stealing our shit!!!!!!!!

  5. mf air Says:

    this shit bangs


  6. TC Says:

    All that equipment…for what!!?!?

  7. jersey da new new york Says:

    i love CNN…but there is no way this is gonna cut it…neptunes sound is so olldddddddd,and they will never be able to pull another “the War Report”

  8. maxpower Says:

    damnnn only 7 comments??PUSSIES

  9. Gus Says:

    Oh’ f*ck this ish bangs hard… that ill lil piano loop takes me back man like war report type memories… it’s so good to hear these dudes voices one after another, that’s just right to the ear. Clipse nuff said, crazy.

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