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Video: Max B on Absolut TV

The Silver Surfer speaks on his shooting. Or does he? It kinda sounds to me like he’s denying that he got shot, even though he confirmed it to SOHH. Whatever, who even cares anymore.

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10 Responses to “Video: Max B on Absolut TV”

  1. 911 Says:

    Brushes waves.

  2. 911 Says:

    >>Plug was like: false. this is excatly where it will start. name another place where cats can meet up all over the world from home and voice there opinion and be somewhat on the same page. This IS the network of the elite. I learned back in 8th grade when I started Plug Industries that you must have a network… And what better place to have a network of connections than a hip hop blog.

    ^^I responded with supreme logic like: Until a commenter from Nahright organizes and executes a plan that will strengthen and embolden a demoralized and jaded African American community, I’ll consider what you say in respect to this issue as window dressing. Elite in mind state and feeble in action. As it stands today, no haps. Only thing getting beat up today is a keyboard.

    Don’t get it twisted I don’t wish to curtail talk of a revolution or anything of the sort that could go on, on this site. It’s all for the greater good I suppose. I just think the power and/or inclination to revolt should be vested in another form/direction.

    With that said preach brother plug, preach. What can we do?

  3. jay Says:

    yo lemme get 2 bottles of talent, b

  4. Deano Says:

    Nahright put out the debate, is MAX B the next HOOK KING AFTER FIF ON THE EAST COAST? I believe this man, if he gets the shine can be the next hook king next to Fifty on the East Coast. They most truthful hook with a contagious vibe I ever heard in awhile ‘we make hits in the studio nightly trying get this money’…that ish is gangsta

  5. Unxpekted Says:

    Max B is the worst fucking artist I ever heard in my life… Not to say he is 110pounds of disloyal pussy who couldnt write a decent rhyme about something relevant if his life depended on it, oh and why he always trying to rap like Bone Thugs?…. I hope he gets shot again and dies. Sean Bell should be alive and this waste of flesh should be deceased right now under the ground..

    RIP Sean Bell

  6. Ron Says:

    Akon and T-Pain got FIF and Max B beat on pop hooks, sorry dude. That lane is way too crowded right now. Max need to step them bars, way up. That just having a hook shit playing out , ask FIF. I don’t hear no one bangin any new G-Unit, for real.

  7. Trill Says:

    max and his publicist made up the shooting rumor. he did it because niggas will believe anything. don’t know what it accomplished, though.

    i see him w/ my prada beanie tho.

  8. Jewtino Says:

    Him and Judas Jones were a PERFECT match though, a match made in heaven. Both those ninjas are trash regardless.

  9. Unxpekted Says:

    Ron good point man said well

  10. Jaego Says:

    Anyone know what this joint is off of? I am actually vibin to this…

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