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Video: Consequence, Nelly & Murphy Lee Freestyle

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20 Responses to “Video: Consequence, Nelly & Murphy Lee Freestyle”

  1. 911 Says:

    What up my derrties

  2. NotU Says:

    Yo they did their thing man…..lol…..Nelly surprised me…….but that was good

  3. yaboy Says:

    nelly swag > murph > cons’

    although cons’ came off the head with some if it, mostly all their verses written…

  4. mclevels Says:

    Another man die and we talk about all the Jewellery we can buy.

  5. 911 Says:

    *Blogs from dame dash perspective*

    yo…um…that shit was kinda hot…they wasn’t even wack.

  6. bk don Says:


    foxy brown Brooklyn don diva

  7. BK2LV Says:

    Glow In The Dark Las Vegas last night real good show….. cons (the human Escalade Grill) killed it….. Lupe was nice but a real short set they should let him rock longer than N.E.R.D…… On that note NERD was cool they had everyone going crazy mad girls crowd surfing, but alot of rock and roll. Lil Jon was on stage with them and Lupe was running around with a Darth Vader Mask on and a life saber (pharell said it was him)…. Kanye Killed it, his whole set is bananas and the theme really comes together plus its just him for a full hour running around and doing his weird dances…. but with no one else on stage and the dj like underneath the stage so u cant even see him shit was pretty raw (no odb)…. All in all a great show…

    Now my summer jump off On june 14th
    Click the Blue

  8. 911 Says:

    Another man die and we talk about all the Jewellery we can buy.

    ^^The revolution will not start on a hip hop blog. But I can drop gems like I got out of PE word to Kanye. If you’re inclined to be enlightened.

  9. BK2LV Says:

    wow these niggas went in

  10. Plug Says:

    ^^The revolution will not start on a hip hop blog.
    false. this is excatly where it will start. name another place where cats can meet up all over the world from home and voice there opinion and be somewhat on the same page. This IS the network of the elite. I learned back in 8th grade when I started Plug Industries that you must have a network… And what better place to have a network of connections than a hip hop blog.

  11. AJ Says:

    nelly = steriods

  12. Kevin NYC NYC Says:

    Im NY RAP all day, BUT THAT WAS NICE. And I never leave comments on this shit. not better than say BANKS OR CASSIDY would do but go for some Cow TIPPERS.

  13. Ty Says:

    # AJ Says:
    April 26th, 2008 at 12:32 pm

    nelly = steriods

    ^^^^ He’s on the Barry Bonds workout plan^^^^^^^^^^^

  14. b Says:

    cons second verse straight piffington

  15. trugod Says:

    Yo, I must have missed something. How is it that Nelly can all of a sudden rhyme? I never liked his music and I thought he was over after the KRS incident… But I can’t even front, that shit was hot.

  16. MrDookiewaterand shrimp Says:

    good shit brotha

  17. cannon clip H Says:

    Nelly always could rap, he just raps the way he does on singles because thats how he makes his money.

  18. john Says:

    what beat is that?

  19. KellEl Says:

    New found respect for Nelly didn’t know he had that in him!!

    To John that beat is from Dolla’s song Who the f@ck is that feat T-Pain

  20. BIGNAT Says:

    AJ Says:

    April 26th, 2008 at 12:32 pm
    nelly = steriods

    actually nelly was in mens health magazine he actually works for his body he bulked up yeah but he been ripped way before LL cool J turned himself into the hulk

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