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Pics: Clef & Curtis @ the MTV Australia Awards



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13 Responses to “Pics: Clef & Curtis @ the MTV Australia Awards”

  1. 911 Says:

    Who the hell is curtis and what the hell is a wyclef?

  2. AJ Says:


  3. AJ Says:

    wiley for number 1!

  4. wuoneskai Says:

    eskay should do a post on the new Plies album cover. It’s hilarous…

  5. Plug Says:

    When yall say that you have been to at least 1 NAACP meeting, or at least a town hall meeting, I’ll actually listen to what yall are sayin… otherwise yall are just talkin jibber jabber. I’m already living this ish. my Plugs are in order. I’m not just talking. I’ve already started. The outline and blueprint are in order. I’m 10 paces ahead. My Job alone has me alined to try and make changes. I am ready… are you?

  6. cueyou81 Says:

    what did Fif say to make her lean back and laugh like that????

    “take ya bitch she won’t be happy then, make her nastier then Kim Kardashian..” (Lloyd Banks)

  7. KinGRex Says:

    Look at Curtis cheesin at Kim K!
    Freakin hilarious
    Im sure he’s thinkin shit if Ray and Reggie can hit it, whats up?

  8. Mr.Londoner Says:

    aww look at the lovebirds.. aint that schweet..

  9. Frank White Says:

    wyclef: “i dont need no bodyguard, because i can fight…50 Cent has a 100 bodyguards with him..” (on australian tv) haha


    LOOKS LIKE THE FEDS BANDED 50’s ROID’s shipment with his wack acting azzz

  11. Astros Says:

    100% cave bitch

  12. Rob @ Ilovesubstance.com Says:

    Doesn’t everyone look really happy?

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