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Video: Sav Killz – Rebellion Freestyle

Shout out to J-Ronin.

Previously: Sav Killz ft. Sean Price & Ruste Juxx – Comin’ To Kill

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12 Responses to “Video: Sav Killz – Rebellion Freestyle”

  1. Ghost Writer Says:


  2. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    I know ODB will not be there for a fact though

    *jumps off St.Louis Arch no shoot* *screams* Ayoooo whats up my Derrttyss

  3. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    Squander Liv

  4. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    *puerto rico frogs at night noises*

  5. Dem Says:

    because i care about you guys, i just want to warn you all about blazin’ up that afgani shit before getting into gunfights with the taliban. it’s dangerous, don’t do it.


  6. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    Everyone wishes they could shoot like Ray. They tell him that all the time. They are envious, they say, of his God-given talent.

    “An insult,” says Allen. “God could care less whether I can shoot a jump shot.”

  7. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    ohhhhhh shit dem that ish was crazy when dude walked out all blazed and nonchalant only to have his magazine hit by a bullet bullet

  8. Hatrick Swayze Says:

    *blogs with my soul*

  9. Dem Says:

    ^^ yeah, dude shoulda been on the couch somewhere… eating chips and watching half-baked.

  10. Dem Says:

    ever fought the Taliban.. on weed?

  11. YungDavito Says:

    Ok. Son can rap. But honestly, wots he sayin that nobody hasn’t said b4? Same ol’ shit!

  12. Joey Says:

    Sav is that dude yo don’t sleep. BK all day ya heard!


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