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Video: O.C. & A.G. – 2 For The Money

Off the OASIS – Together Brothers album. Produced by Showbiz with cuts by DJ Premier.

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15 Responses to “Video: O.C. & A.G. – 2 For The Money”

  1. yo Says:

    always wanted to be first

  2. BKScribe Says:

    hi hater?

  3. Unxpekted Says:

    Splashing on em.. “OVERATED” Chanted in the background as Deshawn Stevenson hits consecutive three’s in Lebron Jamisons face… Wizards would move on to set three NBA records dismantling the Lebron and Calvs by nearly 40 points… Oh and Souljah Boy was there….

    Oh yeah this DITC shit, you aint gotta love it but you damn sure better respect it.. PRIMO!

  4. KingofCoons Says:

    Now dis is dat big lip nigga shit dat uma talkin’ bout….

    Now where da fuck is my watermelon……

  5. G7 Says:

    track is hot!! O.C. is underrated. A.G. always brings it. no homo.

  6. KiNGrEx Says:

    Ok so I’m assuming I’m late on this album cause I aint never heard of it.

    Anyone got info on it? release date?
    DITC one of the best crews to ever do it..
    OC is CRAZY underrated

  7. jersey da new new york Says:

    thiss shyt is tough!!!…this that real new york sound…lovinn it

  8. KiNGrEx Says:

    Cant wait till that new Cormega drops with OC on the remix of “Sleep Well”…gna be straight HOT SAUCE

  9. 90's hip hop fan Says:

    I just banged this shit like 5 straight times. Love that shit. Vintage!

  10. Ryan Says:

    wow. this shit is gonna be SERIOUS

  11. Unxpekted Says:

    Mega dropping new shit!?

  12. KiNGrEx Says:

    Well yea hes dropping some time this decade I think…nah it should be coming up soon..from what I hear its pretty much complete, he’s just trying to make it perfect…and it damn well better be after this five year wait

  13. jb Says:

    love all these guys but the track’s underwhelming and a.g. braids aren’t doing it either.

  14. TheOriginalBadnewz Says:

    Eskay, thank you for continuing to give light to the forgotten soldiers. I still remember when niggas was debating on who was nicer, OC or Nas. Can I get a soul clap?

  15. Amel Says:

    OC, always on my tracklist

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