Video: Curtis Talks Game/G-Unit Showdown

You’d think that he’d learn to keep his mouth shut after the spanking Yeezy gave him.

On the Lifetime Achievement Award he’s never getting

On using DJ Drama for “marketing purposes”

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12 Responses to “Video: Curtis Talks Game/G-Unit Showdown”

  1. PHOENIXXX Says:

    most underrated comedian of all time

    shit is a damn shame, dude is legendary and dont get the respect he deserves

  2. CS88_Rich_Uncle_Pennybags Says:


  3. nation Says:

    what a faggot

  4. !Ven-Tech? Says:

    You’d think that he’d learn to keep his mouth shut after the spanking Yeezy gave him.



  5. O BLicky Bama Says:

    crack > the rock

  6. RIGZ Says:


  7. Soulfull Vibes Says:

    These niggaz are bitches, just think of all those simple niggaz out there that are feeling these faggots!!

  8. Sonic Says:

    Shit I hope Game does drop on the same day. Ill be copping that shit and laughing when the unit flops. Buck was the nicest cat out the group and curtis wants to kick him out because why? Probably cause he knew bucks verses would make him look lazy.

  9. greg Says:

    50 just sounds like a puss saying stuff like this now that hes like 125 pounds… just counting his head, thats why banks and yayos heads are down the whole time… cant hold your head up high when the G in g-unit looks like he trains mickey avalon

  10. no more ty big's just call me Kenard Says:

    what exactly is the point of yayo and banks being there for this interview, they look mad uncomfortable and they ain’t saying shit, THEY AIN’T BRINGING SHIT TO THE TABLE, PRODIGY WOULD BE OFFENDED

  11. EffYou Says:

    Yall niggas can hate on 50 all u want..He’s still the most talked about dude in the game today,good or bad..Who else is even still around from 03 when 50 first blew ??? The few that are..U only hear from them every 2,3 years or so…As much as niggas wish he was gone,the game needs him

  12. Ceasar Says:

    yaya and banks are muppets

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