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Video: Joell Ortiz – Hip-Hop (Live @ SOBs)

I posted some footage from this show previously, but this clip is nicely shot and edited.

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8 Responses to “Video: Joell Ortiz – Hip-Hop (Live @ SOBs)”

  1. Busta Cracka The English Smacka Says:


  2. Busta Cracka The English Smacka Says:


  3. Busta Cracka The English Smacka Says:


  4. EnglandRepresent Says:


    Busta, wearing a tartan skirt is not hip-hop. *daps* What’s the hap chap?

  5. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Joe Calzaghe beatin Hopkins yesterday isb definitely hip-hop though. I was kinda thinkin Hopkins had him at the end but Joe just lands too many punches. LMAO @ him clowning Hopkins when he punched him below the belt. And @ Joe sayin ‘you got beat by a white dude’ in the press conference at the end. Classic banter.

  6. Tha BOSS... bert+ernie FTW Says:

    Wha poppin my niggas. how bout them sixers… HOWARD is officially a BEAST

  7. uptheranke Says:

    i was at this show Skyzoo & Joel did there thing

  8. Joell Ortiz - “Hip-Hop” (Live @ SOBs) | The Smoking Section Says:

    […] iSpied originally @ NahRight. […]

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