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Miscellaneous Videos

Blue Scholars – Loyalty

Badd Lucc – Bang Dat Shit

Damani – Damn

Nickelus F – The Motions

John Hope ft. Termanology – Blue Devils

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31 Responses to “Miscellaneous Videos”

  1. G7 Says:

    *craig mack’s voice* Haaaaaaaaa!

  2. blahk duppy Says:

    *daps vets and lurkers alike*

  3. AJ Says:


  4. G7 Says:

    *daps coldstradamus*

  5. The Known World Says:

    nice… like a nice glass of water to flush the system…

  6. blahk duppy Says:

    Leave it to blacks to steal the most identifiable vehicle, from a radio station reporting it out to nig airwaves minutes after it was stolen, and a vehicle most shit skins would never be able to afford. The retardation of nigs is getting worse. These creatures will never live the American dream or be able to support themselves and feed their niglets without whitey paying for it.

    ^comment from youtube a link the plug posted earlier about a Detroit radio station promotion truck being jacked at gun point.

    I’ve never heard the term “shit skins” before. Why does whitey still have so much hate for black people even after all the devastation the’ve caused us. I dont know any black people that outwardly hates the white man. That could be because they’re not seen as our oppressor anymore. Today we face a new enemy; the illuminati.

  7. O BLicky Bama Says:

    ^got more soul than a sock with a hole

  8. HHF Says:

    Nicleus F seemed to changed up his flow, dude used to sound so much like Jay-Z. Decent switch.

  9. blahk duppy Says:

    LF: anyone watch the new Flavor Flav show yesterday. I didnt catch it but my boy told me it was a straightup coon fest.

  10. O BLicky Bama Says:

    whats good hhf

  11. O BLicky Bama Says:

    whats good hhf g7

  12. G7 Says:

    not even gonna bother

  13. Plug Says:

    talk9in bout the new show on BET? It seemed like it might be kinda funny. the other dude seems to be such and Uncle Thomas, it should balance the show out

  14. G7 Says:

    whudup drobama?

  15. Soul Clapper Says:

    I make bitches make me sandwiches, and scratch my ass when it itches

  16. D_Block_4_life Says:

    *Mornings was Hash browns* (c) nas

  17. spotrusherz Says:

    rap is not even music, it’s just people talking about violence, turn it down

  18. O BLicky Bama Says:

    i aint lost a step

  19. G7 Says:

    “As i was prepping this set list for this show for 2morrow in Milwaukee (if u in the area swing thru for a dope ass show), i had some time to watch tv. Lately its been between sports or watching Obama treat the shit out of Hillary and on occasion some videos if they ever play them. Today I managed to catch the worst show i seen since House of Payne and it was of course Under One Roof with Flava Fuckin Flav and if these are our standards for Black sitcoms then the bar aint really that high at all. At first I was just feeling stupid for wasting 20 minutes thinking this shit was gonna get better or at least entertaining, it was like watching an extremely bad impression of the early episodes of Fresh Prince. And from what i gather thats pretty much thats what they were shooting for:

    Flav = Will – A dude from the hood, moving into a rich neighborhood with his family
    Rich Brother = Uncle Phil – Rich black guy, doesnt want anything to do with anything ghetto (only difference is dude married a white women)
    A geeky son = Carlton – I dont need to explain it
    Dumb Ditzy Daughter = Hillary
    Smart mouth Chinese Maid = Jeffrey the Butler – Apparently the cipher aint complete without a smart mouthed foreigner

    Straight up, there will never ever be another Fresh Prince period, but to come straight out and copy is dumb. Then to make it worst, they had enough money to get Debo on it and this nigga was playing a gay nigga fresh out the pen trying have sex with Flav. I use to have some respect for dude regardless if he aint have any good roles since Friday but this was damn near up with Ving Rames and Holiday Heart, not really as bad but its almost up there. Flav gave us the GoldDigger Extravaganza that is Flavor Of Love and now this… All I wanna know is…what is Chuck D thinking?”

    ^someone from DX reviewed Flav’s new show.

  20. RIGZ Says:

    You’re right, rap ISNT music…

    Rap is something people do OVER music.

    Like singing…

    There isnt a genre called “singing music”

  21. D. Billz Says:

    G7 Says:

    April 17th, 2008 at 8:48 am
    *craig mack’s voice* Haaaaaaaaa!

    ^I don’t know why that’s funny, but it is.

    G7… plug… spotrusherz… blahkduppy… Blicky… Soul Clap… HHF…

    What it is?

  22. RIGZ Says:

    Wha Gwarn to da mandem

  23. D_Block_4_life Says:

    “I think of dead homies
    Incarcerated penpals, I got the feds on me
    A constapated mental
    Always rains in the ghetto it’s pain in the ghetto
    Caskets, do u believe in angels or devils?
    Welfare, it’s dark and there’s no help here
    Killer cops shooting black kids the instill fear
    But we still here not afraid cracks is made, stacks is made
    A “g” will get you gangsters sprayed
    At my man’s funeral it’s like nobody care
    The police get shot the mayor everybody there
    Grafitti on the lobby stairs, kids with notty heads is greedy
    Soldiers small faces painted on the wall”
    (c) Mr. Jones

  24. Soul Clapper Says:

    The fuck is up Nah?

    Da Mayor, Romez, plug, spot, cOLD, Siete, HHF, Blicky…

    Anybody catch Two going at everybody yesterday?

    The adoption/electric wheelchair jokes were killin’ it…

  25. O BLicky Bama Says:

    whats good Rigz

  26. Plug Says:

    *adds new P to ipod*

  27. RIGZ Says:

    Lloyd Banks on the Where I’m From Beat >>>>>>>> Jay on the Where I’m From beat…

    Fuck a stan

  28. Soul Clapper Says:

    I still don’t have a link to Chi Chi Bwoy P’s album… yaboy tried to hook me up but the link was dead.

    Anybody hook a bruh up? soulclapper@hotmail.com

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  30. Casual T Says:

    wot it do, wot it do..

  31. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Common Market - Gol’ Dust Says:

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