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Video: Fabolous Makes The Band

So Fab, a Brooklyn MC signed to Def Jam, is working on a concept album and is bringing a live band on tour with him. Where have I heard this before?

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13 Responses to “Video: Fabolous Makes The Band”

  1. green eyes Says:

    he needs more spell check

  2. Words is Born Says:

    at least he tryin’ somethin’ new…errr… well new for him.

  3. snort_snortCRAZY88SINCE88 Says:

    *still drools on Homeroom desk*

    *first period bell rings*

  4. landLORD Says:

    … fabolous = yawn …

  5. D_block_4_life Says:

    From Nothin to Somethin

  6. snort_snortCRAZY88SINCE88 Says:

    *88 walks up to 1st period Chalkboard*



    *88 returns to desk, props up math textbook*

    *lays back down, goes back to sleep*

  7. THE-XFACTA Says:

    Oh word when is Loon dropping this new concept album?

  8. Eightys Baby Says:

    Fab aint even tryin no more he’s just gonna go strain by the book (WHAT JAY DID 101) and see if what the public’s tolerance level for this is.

    If he raps like he does on his mixtapes, it may be decent. Emphasis on the word may tho.

  9. G7 Says:

    Fab lost. ol’ waitin’ for jay to do something first ass nigra

  10. LOL Says:

    Hiphop with a ‘live band’ never works.

  11. jersey da new new york Says:

    this nigga here is anutha one tru life shoudda called out…nigga stay dick ridin ,i remember dis nigga had “grills” on smack a few yrs back… fab beennn lost…

  12. Strong Says:

    Spizz is my dude – nuff said;and to “Jersey”,u wished Jersey was the new New York – y’all aint live enough.

  13. kobkilla Says:

    fab that dude yall old heads is lame

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