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Lloyd Banks – Crack & Money Rules The World


A couple of new tracks from Lambo Lloyd.


Money Rules The World

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34 Responses to “Lloyd Banks – Crack & Money Rules The World”

  1. All Day Every Day Says:


  2. All Day Every Day Says:

    no one cares…Lloyd is currently battling second spot as a weed carried with hot rod..since Yayo has it locked

  3. Crossbow Says:

    SMH. It’s not garbage, but it really seems like his heart ain’t in it. Where is the nigga that made Hunger 4 More?

  4. D_Block_4_life Says:

    AG, but I liked KC too.

    I say KC was better but AG was hot too

  5. eskay Says:

    I like Crack (the song)

  6. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Yea skipped on the track a bit…

  7. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Correction Yea lloyd Skipped on the track a bit…

  8. D_Block_4_life Says:

    I cant front tho the unit sounds like they upcoming lp is gonna be a lil crazy

  9. eskay Says:

    how bout that Nah Right shoutout in the Torae freestyle. i like that.

  10. illRoots » Blog Archive » Two New Lloyd Banks Tracks.. Says:

    […] Two brand new songs from 1/3 of G-Unit. Via NahRight. […]

  11. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Finding Forever > The Cool

  12. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Ronnie Brewer = The Real Camel

  13. landLORD Says:

    eskay Says:

    April 12th, 2008 at 9:20 pm
    how bout that Nah Right shoutout in the Torae freestyle. i like that.


    … word … and that was some ferocious emceein as well .. i had no idea dude could go off like that …

  14. landLORD Says:

    D_Block_4_life Says:

    April 12th, 2008 at 9:30 pm
    Finding Forever > The Cool


    … easily …

  15. D_Block_4_life Says:

    … easily …
    I mentioned that a few weeks ago, i was dodging Spears and foriegn objects…

  16. Jewtino Says:

    What happened to “The Banks Workouts” 1,2,3, & 4…Banks use to be NASTY, now he’s just trashy.

    Who remembers Victory 2004 (BEFORE IT WAS ON THAT STUPID ASS BAD BOY CD), the mixtape version.

    Who remembers all of the original tapes from G-Unit (AKA Volumes 1-5: God’s Plan, No Mercy No Fear, Automatic Gunfire, Bulletproof and 50 Cent is the Future), they really ran NY with those tapes, now man I don’t even know what the fuck im listening to with these cats.

  17. landLORD Says:

    D_Block_4_life Says:

    April 12th, 2008 at 9:35 pm
    Ronnie Brewer = The Real Camel


    … he’s gonna be a real good player …

  18. RIGZ Says:

    The GOAT (No, its not Eli)


    This is one of the greatest stories ever written

  19. RIGZ Says:

    Lloyd can still spit, but his voice aint the same…I dunno what happened…It gives his punchlines a different effect & not in a positive way

  20. michael Says:

    This dude still got it! Lambo lloyd is that dude.


  21. RIGZ Says:

    Due cause I’m a gangster people think I do crimes
    They don’t know I’m just a connoisseur of hip-hop rhymes
    Some smile, try to call L.L. a hoodlum at times
    But he don’t know my autograph’s on his wife’s behind
    L.L. has iced all the washed up slobs
    Vigilante of rap, so to hell with the mob
    Don’t run from the cops, makin suckers jock
    And I’m only 18 makin more than your pops
    Tormentor of toys and boyscout boys
    And I dare any critic to call it noise

  22. Eightys Baby Says:

    Ha, when I first seen the title in the feed I thought that it was just one song.

    Crack and Money Rules the world. lol

    You don say eh?

  23. D_Block_4_life Says:

    … he’s gonna be a real good player
    ^^^ no question

  24. State of Grace Says:

    Lambo Lloyd? I’d have a lot more respect for him if he called himself Lando Lloyd.

  25. $***M-ROC***$ Says:

    hot garbage.

  26. TC Says:

    AG>Kingdom Come

  27. D_Block_4_life Says:

    KC > AG

    This is IMO how it goes:
    1. Reasonable Doubt
    2. The Blueprint
    3. Hard Knock Life Vol.2
    4. The Black Album
    5. Kingdom Come
    6. The Dynasty album
    7. The Blueprint 2
    8. vol.3
    9. American Gangster
    10. vol.1

  28. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Esk gimme ur order.???

  29. TC Says:

    How is Blueprint2 better than AG?

    How is this possible?

  30. elle Says:

    i liked american gangster a lot, it was a good album. but nothing like V.I.C., its a totally different sound on the other hand. Soulja boy produced his new single “get silly” and you can defintely hear the influence of him on the track. check it out at myspace.com/superstarvic

  31. Chi-Town's Finest Says:

    Banks just aint hot no more. Don’t sugar coat. He is whack. I don’t know what happened to his voice and flow.

  32. Ehblogspot Says:

    When was the last time anyone from G-Unit made a good record? This is terrible stuff!

  33. cease Says:

    lloyd doesnt have the same conviction. He’s realized his position as a yes-man, and thats that. He’s takin that advice that Archie Fucque gave Buck on sohh: “And Buck you better get in line, little brother. You don’t want to end up like your boy Game. Just fall in line like Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. Spit your lil’ corny raps and shut the fu*k up!” LMAO lol It sux but its real talk. No one will ever be enthused for a Yayo or Buck record label or even sub group/movement. They playin their position and thats that. 50’s toy soldiers… Banks knows who put the battery in his back, he’s actin accordingly…

  34. alwayzambitious Says:

    Yo not for nothing. Those two tracks were HOOOOTTTT.
    I never thought I would say this but I am ACTUALLY LOOKING FORWARD to the upcoming g unit album.
    Thank God 50 doesnt sing the hooks as much!

    — Check out http://rapsgoldenera.wordpress.com/

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