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ACE ft. Treach – Unpredictable (Remix)


ACE the Future (seated, along with Producer Sean C and Steve Rifkind), a young MC out of Brooklyn, and Treach remake "Unpredictable" off the Wu’s 8 Diagrams.

Yep, that Treach. As in one of the Top 5 most underrated MC’s.  

ACE the Future ft. Treach – Unpredictable (Remix)

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6 Responses to “ACE ft. Treach – Unpredictable (Remix)”

  1. pg-dc Says:


  2. khal Says:

    lol @ the shock of Treach rappin’, like that’s so hard to believe.

    watching these YO MTV blocks, and coming up on “OPP”, i forgot how ill his rhymes really were, especially for a roughneck ass nigga.

  3. clyde Says:

    good look on this cuz, i used it on my blog..


    gave you credit

  4. Kobe's Tax Return Says:

    Yes, Treach was very underrated but he should have gone solo around ’96!

  5. Eightys Baby Says:

    Treach was ill, dope song writer, mean as flow and bars for days. Damn shame he dont get the credit he deserves.

  6. Knuckz Says:

    Treach is one of the illest, underrated MCs out there. Uptown Town’s Anthem is the shit “the naughty. “The naughty nappy nasty nigga the nasty trashy hoe happy pappy
    That’s Happi to be Nappi “

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